Monday, August 10, 2015


Fixit Guy and I are away from home for 10 days on a little vacation that is covering a number of basis. Our first 2 days were spent at friends in Kingaroy, a small country town 8 hours from where we live. Our friends have been there for 18 months and keen for us to visit them. We used to look after their dog Bumbles on a regular basis when they lived closer to us and we are very fond of the dog and our friends too.

We arrived late afternoon on Thursday and they next morning they both had to go to work but we happily amused ourselves at home. Fixit GUy went for a walk for some of the time but I spent all my spare time with my machine whirring trying to finish off one last gift for the watermelon themed birthday party the next night. I talked about that in my previous blog post here.

I had seen various bag patterns along the lines of what I wanted to accomplish so decided to just wing it and see how I went. I made a few boo boos but got there in the end

I wanted to make another one so last night and this morning whilst Fixit Guy was recovering from a nasty gastric bug that hit him yesterday morning I decided to have a go at it. I thought that this time I would be fine, having bumbled my way through the watermelon bag

And this time I didn't make the same mistakes. I didn't sew the front and back together too early, I remembered to put a pocket on the outside, I did a much better job of making the handles, I measured more accurately where the handles had to go

I did however make a few new errors instead!! I forgot to iron on the interfacing before assembling the interior of the bag. I remembered to put the outside pocket on first.... but forgot to put the inside pocket on so had to fiddle about to get that one on. And those handles... I stitched one on the wrong way around and in unpicking it and putting it on the right way I managed to move them so they got stitched a bit off kilter. Sigh.

And both times I sewed the bottom together and left the gap where I had to turn the bag the right way around on the seam where I was joining the lining and the outside together. It would have been better to have left the turning seam on the bottom of the lining. Never mind. It worked and next time I will take better notes and who knows I might even end up with a tutorial.

The colours in the photos are really washed out for some reason. I fixed them up in my photo program but somehow they have lost it all again in the transfer. Never mind. You can see the colours better in the photo of the fabrics below.

The fabric I used was (well the large print, the hedgehogs and the green from the front of the bag pictured on the left) was from the line Bluebird Park by Kate and Birdie Paper Co for Moda I bought it in Adelaide on our trip last year. I blogged about it here

I didn't use the fabrics with the bikes in it. I've put them aside for another project. It was hard to cut into these fat quarters. I love them so much. I have about a 15" square of the green left, a 2.5" strip of the hedgehogs and a very chopped up piece of the larger print fabric

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