Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Being retired is wonderful. I heartily recommend it. Fixit Guy and I are enjoying our week and a bit away.

Well actually I lie... the last couple of days FG hasn't enjoyed it as much as he might as he has been laid low with a nasty gastric bug. He woke up unwell on Sunday when we were at the town house in Brisbane with our family - Kombi Boy, Gamer Girl, Boyo and Fangirl. He stayed home whilst we all went out for breakfast and then back home we were joined via Facetime by The Beast, our oldest son who lives in Melbourne. He and KB were playing Grand Theft Auto on the net but as neither of them have the fancy headsets required to talk to each other through the game they just facetime it and chat that way. It was actually loads of fun ... but not so much for FG who was asleep upstairs.

Mid afternoon we packed up and drove up here to the Sunshine Coast hinterland where he and I were booked into a lovely Bed and Breakfast/ Adults retreat called Treetops Seaview at Montville. FG was still unwell. I drove the whole way up here and he basically slept and crashed into bed when we got here.

He's been recovering slowly but we have taken things pretty gently. We walked up to a cafe for lunch and then at night went to the tavern nearby Monday but for the rest of the day we stayed in our lovely cabin. We enjoyed the double spa and the open fire and whilst he slept I sewed. I got the bag made that I wrote about here.

Tuesday he thought he was well again and suggested we go out. I had started sewing and asked if I could just finish of the 10 flying geese I was working on.
They took about 10 minutes. By the time I had sewn them he had fallen asleep on the couch and slept for 2.5 hours. Needless to say I had enough time to sew all the flying geese together. They are for the border of my "Going Green" quilt.
 I also got the first border for it sewn on... just a narrow 1.5" strip of lime green spotted fabric. In the evening after we got back from our lovely meal at a local restaurant (where he managed soup and desert) I was able to sew the flying geese borders on as well.

So.... barring me deciding that it isn't big enough Going green top is finished. I certainly can't do anything more with it whilst we are away as I have run out of fabric for it and I'm not going to buy more for it when I have a cupboard full of possible choices at home.

Today we are leaving our little nest (our cabin is called Eagle) and driving to... not sure. We have to be in Rocky tomorrow after lunch. We hope to call in on FG's elderly aunt on the way. So... we might make it all the way to Rockhampton or we might stop somewhere on the way. We'll see. Not sure that I will get anything more done.

Oh yes - I''ve made 2 beanies on my loom and have another underway. My cousin Jo cut her hair recently as a fund raiser for cancer and a local charity. She is now finding the winter air a bit cool. She lives in Victoria so its much chillier than here in Sunny Queensland. I said I'd make her a beanie and I've made her one and made another while I was on the job. No photos (FG is fussing about a bit wanting us to get packed up and on our way so better finish off and not stop to take more photos :) )

How has your week been? Tell me about what you are working on!

WIPs on Wednesday WIP Wednesday

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  1. Lovely post and the matching on the FG border is fantastic! Great job. Sorry Fixit Guy has been laid low. Poor guy! I know a few things about gastric troubles and they are not fun at all.