Saturday, January 14, 2017

Its been a white

I haven't written a blog post for a little while. I went away for a week and whilst I took my computer with me I didn't take the cord with me and so I couldn't charge it. In my defence I did look in the bag before I left and I thought it was in there but what I saw was actually the HDML cord and the car charging cord (part of which was missing). So once the computer went flat that was it! 

So... no blog updates whilst I was away. I did have my iPhone and iPad and in theory I could have used those but I find them difficult to work with so.... I didn't.

Now I am home again. The computer is charged up and here I am.

I haven't written a Fitness Friday for a while and that is probably because... I would have had to write an unfit Friday post. Hoping to turn it around this week so come back next week and hopefully I will be able to write something positive.

Stash report will have to start tomorrow. Sigh. I bought a heap of fabric this week from the geeky shop near Fangirl's house. I will have to add it all up and photograph it and put it on the spreadsheet for this year. I have at least got the spreadsheet up and ready to fill in... just can't face all the entries I will have to put in (not to mention really don't want to start off with a negative but that is what is going to happen.... sigh).

Since its middle of the month I am going to do a goal update whilst I am here.

1.Work on En Provence clues as they come out I am still working on these. I didn't take enough fabric with me to Patchwork when I was working on them and then despite my best efforts I didn't take enough with me when I went away either. What a dingbat I am. Still I am making the 2 lots of 1/4 square triangles that make up the last 2 clues. They aren't working out perfectly but they are getting done.

2. Set up Excel spreadsheet for fabric tracking 2017 I've done this... the spreadsheet is saved but nothing filled in yet.

3. Complete clue for Charlotte Hawks Mystery quilt "Surrounded By Scraps" Charlotte has released the first clue but as yet I haven't started to sew it. My fabrics are all cut ready to start though

4. Complete 8 blocks for my A to Z challenge this year (My OMG for January). Have chosen the 8 blocks but haven't started any stitching. Am still wondering about the colours I am going to use... whether I am going to do it totally scrappy or go with colours. I think its going scrappy.

5 Quilt one quilt on the long arm Nothing done here yet.

6. Tidy the craft cupboard I've started on this. In the process I have started going through the fabric boxes, refolding stuff and pulling out the scrappy bits and put it into scrap basket. It ended up overflowing once again.

I have since then managed to cut my way through the scrap basket and its empty once again. That was a big effort. Now to finish the cupboard.

7 Work on one project on my UFO list Not yet.


  1. Your so organizationized. My creative space is a but messy. I need to of in quilts I do for others and I need to get my loose quilts in totes. Sometimes I wish I were organized by nature.

    1. i'm more inclined to be messy. Sometimes being organised is a great procrastination tool. I haven't sewn much this year but have done lots of talking about it lol Thanks for stopping by