Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I finished the Norwegian Table runner I was working on last week and it was included in my Sunday Stash report. I admit to rushing to finish it so I had something to put in the report. It chipped a little off my deficit for the year.

A to Z quilt
This is going to be my "entry" in this year's A to Z challenge in April. They haven't released or revealed the logo or the sign up etc for this yet but I am getting in early! This is the web page for when it starts. At this stage I have chosen the blocks I will make for each letter (or at least I have put a few for each letter into my selection folder)  I am using 12" finished blocks. One is going to have to go on the back in any case as that will make a 5 x 5 block design (60" plus borders)

This week I have made A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H - go me. I don't plan to show the pictures or tell you the names of the blocks I have chosen to make for each letter, as that is what I will do each day in April. I can tell you that I am making it totally scrappy and using my pre-cut  fabric scraps as much as I can. That is actually slowing me down a bit as I hunt through my scraps for enough of the colours required. Like I said its totally scrappy and may end up looking like clown vomit but whatever.

I would absolutely love to have the entire quilt finished by the end of April - quilted bound and labelled but not sure I am that good. Having 8 blocks done (my aim for January) is pretty good start. 

I have done no more on my En Provence quilt since I finished off the 1/4 square triangle blocks last week. I still have to trim them, and the rest of the units so... one day.

I have had 3 more small finishes this week. Back in 2015 my 2 FGs (Fangirl ie daughter and Fixit Guy ie my husband) and I went to Malaysia to visit her host family from when she was an exchange student in 2003. One of the activities we did whilst there was to do a batik painting class. We came away with a picture each and some batik fabric (off the bolt) purchased separately for me to turn them into wall hangings. This week I have finally got the 3 of them done. I am pleased with how they turned out although part of me wonders if I should have done the framing in the same fabric (at lease for Fixit guy's Rooster and my spray of flowers) so they could hang together. But I didn't . So now they don't match and I really don't mind.

 I will probably hang them in the loo's or the like. It was a bit of a paint by numbers type activity and in my case my teacher took over a lot anyway. Still it was good to have them all done. Fangirl's sunflower has gone down to her in Brisbane.

I have started the units for the first clue of Charlotte Hawks mystery quilt. I have finished the nine patches and have started the 4 patches... I might get them done this afternoon or tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. Its Australia Day - 26th January so its a public holiday and our usual activities aren't happening sooooo. its Australia Day Sew In #ADSI.

Hopefully you have made progress this week with some of your WIPs too.

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