Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Goal wrap up and Setting my Goals for Feb (including OMG)

Its the end of the month and time to go through my goals. I have done pretty well.

  • Work on one project from my UFO list. I smashed this one! I finished off my Norwegian table runner plus 3 batik wall hangings. Go me

  • Tidy the craft cupboard. I tidied 3 cupboards and my scrap drawers. There is one cupboard that I haven't touched but did pretty well

  • Quilt one quilt on the long arm. Didn't get to this one. 
  • Complete 8 blocks for the A to Z challenge. I got all 26 blocks done (no pictures cause I'm saving them for the blogging challenge)
  • Set up Excel spreadsheet for fabric tracking 2017. Done - up and running. Unfortunately I am still in the red with more fabric purchased than used but hopefully as soon as I get a couple of quilts onto the long arm that will change.
  • Work on En Provence clues. All the units are now done. Now to start to put them together!

Now for February Goals.
So many things that I could work on. So many WIPs to complete. I could list them all here and see how I go... or not.

I really need to get started making things for the comic con stall that I am going to have in September. With our trip to Europe in August I need to get myself prepared by mid July. So - time to get started. Make 10 items for the stall.

Continue working on the A to Z quilt - put the blocks together.

Quilt one patchwork quilt on the long arm

Work on En Provence

Complete 2nd clue in Charlotte Hawk's Mystery Quilt 

Attach borders to Handwork Heritage

Make backing for Stringen Em Along This is going to be my OMG (One Monthly Goal). I need to get it done as it is a gift for a baby who is going to be one in a few months time... 

If you are interested in participating in the OMG then follow the link here and it will take you to the page which tells you all about it.


  1. Great January meeting your goals. I also managed to meet most of mine. Hopefully today will see me finish sorting the sewing room. I will be tidying the "cupboards" in February.

  2. Hi Pip! It wasn't until our #ADSI Twilter conversation that I realized I didn't follow your blog. Now I've fixed that - and you've inspired me to join the monthly goal bandwagon. Thanks!

  3. Baby quilts are fun to make. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your February project.

  4. An equally busy February as was January. Well done.

  5. Congrats on a productive January. Good luck with your February goals.