Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to Welcome to my world

Seems every woman and her dog has a blog these days so I couldn't be left behind now could I. Actually I have started this in an attempt to keep my many and varied friends and families abreast of what I am up to whilst I am away. In 8 days time I am beginning a 6 week overseas trip. I am going with my oldest son, Gavin and will be joined in Italy 10 days later by my daughter Ros. Whilst I am an avid user of Facebook and am on several google groups I thought it might be easier to communicate with you all via this blog. I doubt that I am going to be very creative with it because time will be short however hopefully I will be able to let interested family and friends know what we have been doing. Of course it might all fall over in a big heap and this will be the first and last blog.

Choosing a name for the blog was more difficult than I thought. I am a keen patchworker and crafter and follow a number of blogs on the web of a craft nature which have some great names however this isn't going to just be about my craft, especially not to start with so felt that a crafty name wouldn't be suitable. Nor would a strictly travel name work as, despite my great love of the activity, I won't be always travelling... money and other commitments just won't allow it.

I hope I don't bore you all silly with my ramblings. I guess you won't come back if I do that.

Like I said I leave in just over a week. Between now and then quite a few things have to be accomplished. To start with tomorrow morning I am flying to Brisbane for the Queensland UCA Synod meetings. I have been asked to be on the Facilitation committee. Not entirely sure what that is going to involve but I am willing to learn and to participate so that is all that can be expected. Before I get there I have about an inch of readings to get through. If I don't get them read it will mean that I won't be as informed about the debates and discussions that will take place. Anyway will have a go... can at least dip into them.

I get back from Brisbane on Tuesday evening and will have two days till I leave on our trip. I will need to finalise my packing and sort out other stuff. I will no doubt detail all that at another time

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