Friday, September 26, 2014

Fitness Friday

This week I have been walking up a storm. I have made my 10 000 steps every day and am over 100 000 for the last 7 days actually up to 104 721. I've even managed to pass Fixit Guy for a few days... mind you that's mainly because he has been so busy helping our daughter move into her new home and all that that has entailed that he hasn't had time to do much walking. Still I have passed him and must admit that I am very tickled by that. My friend Sam though has 160 000 steps for the week. That is just insane! I have no hope and no intention of catching her.

Friday 10466
Saturday 15026
Sunday 14 264
Monday 12 842
Tuesday 16 152
Wednesday 19 893
Thursday 14 242
Friday  12 302 (till 8.30PM)

I even managed a run this week. Not a proper one and not a long one but I did run - about 2 kms all up. It was good to be able to get out there and do a bit. I was still able to walk this morning as well so that was good too.

Last Saturday I called in on my friend Betty and David. They are from PNG and were busily getting organised for Independence Day celebrations they were holding later that day. They were preparing traditional food and I was delighted to be able to stay on and watch them. There was various meats - chicken, fish, pork and lamb. There was also vegetables most of which was grown by Betty in their yard including Taro, Sweet potato and greens. They had a pit dug in the back yard and had built a fire in it which had burned down.

They had put a wire cage of rocks in the pit which had been heated till red and white hot.

They had another wire cage that all the prepared food was placed in. The wire cage was then placed in the pit and the hot rocks were put on and around the cage of food.

Then the pit was covered with leaves from various palm trees (and wet newspapers and old cloths since they didn't have enough palm leaves) Then the pile was covered with earth and it was all left for an hour or two. Traditionally the food was wrapped up in banana leaves and tied with twine but now a days Betty and her friend used aluminium foil trays and sheets of foil.

I was invited to come to the celebration that were held in local park. I arrived on time but discovered that things were running on "island time" and didn't get started for an hour or so later. I couldn't stay long due to another appointment but I had a lovely time whilst I was there.

So how has your week been? What have your fitness achievements for the week?

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  1. That is some awesome stepping!!! Yay for you! The pit looks interesting. Too bad you couldn't have stayed longer.