Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

 Applique Project
Its  just over 2 weeks now till we go away and I finally got started on prepping my applique project which is going to be my hand project for our 10 week trip. This is the first block started. Need to get the others done as well.

Vanishing Hours
At Patchwork today I got stuck into this project and got all the blocks completed apart from one which I had mislaid the part of one block. I thought I must have left it at home but eventually found it in my box of fabric for this project. I also found that I had made a mistake on 3 blocks so have some unpicking to do but hope to get them made tonight. I have 32 blocks which is 2 more than I need but thought I would put them on the back. Now though I am wondering if instead of doing sashing between the blocks if I will make another row each way. Still thinking about it. 

Orphan Block Quilt
I got this finished during the week. I had some troubles with the borders but eventually got them on okay. 
Its sideways but you get the idea!

Now I have to make a backing for it. I had hoped to get this finished before we went away but have run out of time now. My daughter, Fangirl has bought her own townhouse and will be moving in a week before we leave and I have agreed to make her some curtains. We are heading off to look at furniture and curtain fabric on Friday so I will be busy with that for a while as well as 

So its been quite a busy week for me, especially given I was away from my machine for a few days and had a very busy time. How has your week been?

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  1. You have some lovely projects going on here :) I like that little kitty by the house :)

  2. I love your vanishing hours quilt! Looks like a great use of scraps

  3. Love the greens! Orphan block quilt is fun!

  4. That orphan block quilt looks amazing! Honestly, it reminds me of that Moda Modern Building Blocks sampler that just came out and is all the rage in the modern quilting blogs right now, except I like your borders better. Way to be ahead of the curve ;-)