Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stash Report on Monday

I am late again this week with my stash report. Yesterday was crazy!

Its coming up to Christmas... we all know that can be a crazy time of year. Yesterday Fixit Guy was worship leader at church so we went up early. After church we had our usual cuppa and lots of chatting with our friends there. Then I went shopping. We had invited a few friends over for a bbq tea and I needed to get some supplies. I did some sewing in the afternoon after I had got back from shopping and then our visitors arrived. One had cancelled but Fangirl and Bek, our other daughter came over. We put together a gingerbread house kit and the girls made the most gorgeous Minion Christmas decorations. After a yummy bbq dinner followed by the TimTam ice-cream I'd made when I got home from shopping the girls were about to go home when they remembered that Queensland was due to have a prime view of a meteor shower. So we sat out on the lawn and stared into the sky. Didn't see much and then checked on the web and found out that the best time to see it was in a couple more hours so we gave up. But it was lovely sitting out there, enjoying the warm summer air.

Today Fixit Guy and I were determined to get back into our routine of walking the dogs in the morning and getting the house work done on Monday morning. He also had a massage appointment at 9 and a dental appointment at 10.40. I had a hair dressing appointment at 10.30 so we were on a pretty tight timeline. Things were going pretty well though. He got most of the vacuuming done before he went out leaving me to get the floors mopped. We have a steam mop which I love... usually... but today of course it played up. I started but it was obviously not working properly. I even had a go at pulling it a part to clean the steam vent but couldn't work out how to do it. He had a go at fixing it when he got home and I managed to get the rest of the mopping done but it was still not working properly.

This afternoon we even managed a second dog walk (they are ecstatic we are back on track) and then not long after 6 our boy Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl arrived home from Brisbane for Christmas. They will be staying with her family for a few days till more of her family arrive and then they will come over to us. They will be having dinner with us till then though cause her dad is working nights so not home to have it with!! It was great to have them here with us for another bbq dinner tonight. (we ate leftovers. I had over catered the day before! )

So one way and another I haven't had a chance to get to writing this blog update. Actually there is another reason. Today a gunman took hostages in a busy Sydney coffee shop. The story has gripped our country and it is hard to really think of anything else as we all hope and pray for a good outcome. I am also very proud of the general Australian public who has overwhelmingly reached out to our Muslim Australians to let them know that we don't blame them. #i'llridewithyou is the number 1 trending hashtag - a message to muslim's who may be worried about travelling on public transport for fear of back lash from others.

Anyway finally getting to write it. Had to update my excel spreadsheet cause... yay I have had some finishes this week.

I have made 3 table runners using the Easy Christmas Table Runner by Rachel Godfrey of sewtodaycleantomorrow.blogspot.com.au One was for Fangirl - a Christmas one to decorate her new table. I showed it in my WIP Wednesday post but here it is again

Fangirl's Christmas Runner

Another is a present for someone who sometimes reads my blog so not spoilers here and the 3rd was for a present swap I was involved with. I can't show a picture of it at the moment as I can't download the photos from my camera as the cord is in the room where Fixit Guy is asleep. I want to get this posted.

I also have made two quilts for a project that our patchwork group has taken on. We have been asked to make some little quilts to be used with babies born too early. The quilts are 23" square and don't have batting in them. I have managed to make 2 this week using light blue and white fabric from my stash. I used a mixture pinwheels and nine patches in one and just pinwheels in the other. I am really happy with how they worked out


Used this week:                               5.71m

Added since last report                 o.0m

Year to Date Used                       139.03m
Year to Date added                       93.47m
Net Used                                          45.56m

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