Thursday, December 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - not a lot to report

I finished of some coasters and pot mitts on the weekend but I posted them on Stash Report. Apart from that my sewing has been negligible.

I have made some progress on Vanishing Hours quilt. I have put together the blocks for the centre of the top. Still have to do the borders. At this stage I am planning a green border and then the hour glass border and finally the piano key border.

Not sure I will get anything done on these before the end of the year but we can but see. I might get lucky and gouge out some time. Fixit Guy is getting a kayak for Christmas Yes he knows... he had to choose the one he wanted and then had to fit the bars to the roof of the car so we could carry it home. I was going to surprise him with it but it all got too hard.

This is late cause its now Christmas Day and I didn't get this posted yesterday. Hope you all had a great day. Will write more tomorrow when I am not heading for bed after a great day of lovely family and delicious food.

Now that Christmas Day is over I can show you a couple of finishes that were gifts for Fangirl. As well as these coasters and oven mitts I made her a Tardis blue table runner that I didn't photograph obviously. I shall have to get her to send me a photo of it on her table
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  1. The vanishing hour glass looks great. I hope to make one.