Saturday, May 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday coming to you on Saturday

I had every intention of getting more regular with my blog posts again this month - or at least back to my regular schedule but things have been a bit crazy busy with stuff going on and me going places. And not really doing much as far as quilting and patchwork goes.

Finally this week I got down to some quilting. Yay. I got the borders put onto Judy's Bluebird Quilt. I had made piano key border before I went to Melbourne but hadn't had time to put them on. I had thought about paper piecing the corners to make the keys go around the corner but ultimately decided to make some pinwheels.

Pippin cat was very helpful whilst I was sewing... sitting on my ironing board
For the backing I used a furry blanket that I'd bought for another project but not used. It wasn't quite big enough though. I had some of the piano keyboard border left over which I extended and inserted into the centre of the fabric. It still wasn't wide enough. I had some fabric left over from the front of the quilt that I made into two more strips and together they made the quilt just wide enough for the backing. And looked pretty cool too I reckon.

With the borders on and the backing made I was able to get the quilt pinned out on Wednesday 

and then started quilting it.

 By working very hard I was able to get the quilting completed Thursday morning and the binding made and attached to the front side. My sister Joy arrived Wednesday afternoon and she is going to the hand stitching on the binding. The quilt is for her daughter Judy.

I do have to make a label for it too. Oops forgot about that bit.

Apart from the quilt I have been working on I have also been making some more beanies on my knitting nancies. (assisted by my grandcat Skimbles)

I had started this post on Wednesday but didn't get it finished (with all the pressure I put on myself to get the quilting finished and the binding made and on) and so didn't get it posted... then we went away for 2 nights to the beautiful Carnarvon Gorge. Its a lovely place... but no internet access so I didn't get it posted. We got home from there tonight and so at last I have managed to get it finished and posted. Just in time for me to write my Sunday Stash Report tomorrow 

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have downloaded my other photos and can show you some of the beautiful scenery of this fabulous part of my country and state

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