Thursday, October 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I've been away from home for almost a fortnight (2 weeks) now. I didn't do much in the way of machine work for the first 5 days or so till I arrived at my brother-in-law and his wife's home, a cattle station north of Charters Towers. Having established that I wasn't up to outside farm work (they discovered that long time ago) and that my SIL had things pretty well covered in the house (with the help of her super efficient mother who had arrived the day after us) I happily got out my sewing machine and got busy.  

After I had finished the bibs and aprons that I had bought with me to put the bias on

 I started work on some panels I had bought with me. The panel consisted of 6 different little sayings about love on them. There were varying amounts of each saying - 6 of some, 5 of others and 4 of the rest. I worked out 5 different ways to finish each of the blocks off - mostly variations of log cabin blocks. I enjoyed sewing away for the next two days and getting them all finished. 

The next few days after I finished were pretty busy as we celebrated my nieces 21st birthday. Given that my in-laws live 150kms from town on a cattle property a party is quite an undertaking. Guests can arrive a day or two before and stay for a day or 2 afterwards. Most stayed at least one night so its more than just catering for one meal... they had to cater for several dinners plus lunches and breakfasts. So there was no machine sewing but I did stitch a good few hexies as I sat and talked to family and friends.

A couple of days after the party I accompanied another sister in law into Townsville as she had to attend a medical appointment and needed a driver. We returned at the end of a very long day to the property where she lives with my husbands other brother and we have been here ever since. Fixit Guy is living up to his name and has been fixing various bits and pieces here. I've been a bit more use here with my SIL being a bit incapacitated (She hurt her shoulder) - back on laundry duty.

However I have managed to get back to some sewing today. Today I made 8 bandana bibs. I had seen these cute looking bibs on various websites and decided to have a go at making some for the handmade love stall. I am really pleased with how they turned out. I used velcro for the closings... I can't do studs and don't have any buttons to do button closures... plus they would be harder to do up. So velcro it was.

I want to make some more bibs in Christmas fabrics. once I've done those I might make some more bandana bibs if I have enough fabric left over.

So how has your week been. What are you sewing?


  1. Very cute. I was just thinking about making some bandana bibs.