Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Fixit Guy and I arrived home last night having been away for 2.5 weeks.

I haven't kept up with my blog very well whilst I have been away. I had limited internet access for the first 10 days and then the last week the internet was at the main house on the cattle station and we were staying in the smaller cottage. I was free to use it as much as I liked but the speeds were slower plus I didn't want to impinge too much.

So... only the one blog update whilst I was away.

Now I am home and have lots to tell you... but for today I'll stick to my wips

I continued to work on bibs and aprons whilst away I made a total of

16 bandana bibs

Most of them had plain white lining but one of them got this lining cause as you can see I cut it out upside down..... oops

10 8"x8" bibs

6 of them are Christmas themed, using some of the funky Michael Miller baubles fabric I bought and co-ordinating colours

The cross hatching looked really effective on the bibs. I made the green spotted binding myself... my first attempt at my own bias binding and it worked out really well. I used it all up too.

4 8"x10' bibs

These Christmas bibs were my favourites Hopefully they will be really popular on the upcoming stalls

and 7 aprons.

Now I am home again I've stitched on the Handmade Love labels on most of them - I've run out of labels so I'll have to check if our co-ordinator has any left or if I need to buy some more fabric to print out some more

I had lots of opportunities to do hand stitching whilst away. As well as the long car trips I also had time sitting around talking to family and friends. I had counted them early on in the trip and then just kept adding to the count with each batch I finished... I recounted everything once I got home and the totals didn't tally... I had less than I thought.

 Still I have made 1 117 of them which means I have 418 of them to go... plus there will be half ones and diamonds to fill in sides. I'm going to have to cut some fabric to make the rest of them as I don't have suitable fabrics left in the 3" strips and squares.

I made 2 hanging towels whilst I was at my in laws which I gave to my SIL but didn't take a photo of.  I also hemmed a table cloth for her and did a heap of mending. I spent a while day fixing tears in work shirts, jeans, and shorts. My mending won't win prizes in the show but it put a heap of garments back into the usable piles.

WIP Wednesday  WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. Good on you, the little aprons and bibs should be great sellers.