Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I have been plagued all week with a mystery fatigue producing "something" that has had me dragging myself about the place, doing a lot of sleeping, sitting and not a lot else. My usual eagerness to sew at every opportunity has diminished somewhat but I have achieved a good bit despite this. (I have done very little else though)

En Provence has languished. I promised myself I would have a bit of a look at it this week but nadah.

I did finish of the 9 Patches and 4 Patches which were the first clue in the Charlotte Hawks mystery. There were 80 of each... that's a lot of 1.5" squares. 

I have also made a little progress in the backing for "Stringen' 'Em Along". Its to be a gift for our Japanese Grand daughter (daughter of our host son from 2004) so I am making the backing from various Australian fabrics. I am piecing 10" blocks out of various picture fabrics sashed with 1.5" strips

 and then made up to 10.5" with Australian prints. 

Its rather time consuming and fiddley but I am enjoying it. 

I've also had 2 finishes today - my first 2 items for the Handmade With Love stall at Comic Con. I made a zipper purse (which I forgot to photograph) and a small satchel. I used the Kid-Sized Messenger Bag pattern by Merriment Design and to be found here. I hope to get lots more done this month. So long as I keep well I should be able to do it.

I have had to come back and update this blog post as I forgot to add the link to the pattern I used for the satchel AND I forgot the main sewing activity I had this week.

I have been working on my A to Z Blogging Challenge project. I had intended to just get 8 blocks done this month but I got on a roll and now all the blocks for the month are done and hopefully this month I will get the quilt together. Don't know how I forgot this since it is the only thing I got out of bed for for much of the week. Well not true but I could work on it and not fall asleep which I would do the rest of the time.

How are your WIPs going this week?

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  1. Nice purse. It should sell well. I am making small the child sized messenger bags for my granddaughters to carry their Amazon Fire tablets and headphones. I hope you are feeling better today and have a productive rest of your week.

  2. The small satchel is great! Is it a published pattern?

    1. I've added the link in the blog. I am sorry I forgot to do it... I meant to. Thankyou for the prompt