Monday, June 20, 2016

Mid Month Goal check in

Only 10 days in the month left so that means I am 2/3 through the month and a great time to check how I am going with my goals. I really enjoy setting goals for myself and seeing how I am going with them. I set myself a huge list this month and quickly decided I was unlikely to get through all of them but was willing to give it a go.

Basically I listed all the things that I had on the go without really thinking through the logistics of it. Mind you I did have my 5 day quilt retreat (actually it was 3 full days and 2 half days) so think I expected to accomplish so much then... which I did but not perhaps as much as I had hoped.

My goals for this month were
  • Assemble the Amy Gibson 2012 BOM quilt (from Craftsy) - top together unless I decide to add another border but think its done.
  • Finish Diamond Dash quilt - done!

  • Finish Twilter's Hashtag quilt - done! (No photo as my phone just went flat so can't upload the photos)
  • Catch up on the Summer Reading QAL (run by The Stitch TV show) done
  • Complete Birds of the Air blocks for Twilter swap - done
  • Make hanging towels for HML Done

  • Make Pencil pencil cases for HML stall - I have made 2 and have more cut out to work on but haven't touched them since I last reported. I didn't specify how many I would make so having made 2 I guess that qualifies as Done. .sort of
That's 7 completed as of today.
  • Make three baby quilts - blocks made and one centre put together. 
So that is one goal started.
  • Make 3 casserole carriers for HML stall - no progress
  • Make backing for the Hexie quilt - no progress
  • Make backing for My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes - no progress 
  • Pin and quilt Onya Bike - not done yet (not enough pins when I went to do it last Wednesday and have now decided I will leave it till our club's Longarm quilting machine arrives and I'll do it on that which won't be till next month
And 3 with no progress made and one deferred.   My priority for the rest of this month is going to be the baby quilts. We were told yesterday that we have another great niece or nephew on the way so that is another quilt I will have to have done by the end of the year so better get these three completed.

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  1. You've made me feel tired reading all that! You appear to me to have done extremely well. Hope you hit all your targets!
    That's Purrfect
    Around My Kitchen Table