Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WiP Wednesday

I am writing this early as I will be travelling on Wednesday so will write this now and schedule it to go up tomorrow.

I have been busy in my sewing room this week. Early on I was busy making the hanging towels and Pencil Pencil cases that I blogged about on Sunday in my stash report. 

Since then I have been busy getting ready for my quilting retreat that starts tomorrow. I have been busily prepping projects to take with me.

I have sewn some more "pencils" to make more pencil cases... 6 more in fact. I have prepped all the rest of the materials for them too and have them in one box to work on over the 5 days of the retreat (4.5 days actually... how much fun we will have)

I have also prepped the last 2 blocks in the Amy Gibson 2012 BOM Craftsy class to make and the fabric for the sashing as well. I haven't taken fabric to do a border with should I decide I need to add one but I can do that at home if necessary.

I have to make 2  quilts for my nephews' babies. One is due this month and one was due the month after that but came almost 15 weeks early at the beginning of April. Good news is that last week he turned 2 months old and graduated out of his humidcrib to a regular cot in the NICU and is breathing on his own with just some extra oxygen under his nose. Yay. (he's now -5wks corrected time). 

Anyway I am making both babies quits using some of the embroideries that my mum did for me a year or 2 ago when she was still stitching. I am adapting the latest video tutorial put out by Missouri Star Quilting company. Its called the Sparkle Quilt

I am not using a packet of charm squares but selecting from my trimmed up scraps. The centre of the blocks will either be my mum's embroider or a picture fabric. Given that my mum is no longer embroidering (she's 94 and eyesight and the shakes have put paid to that) I am being very careful with the remaining emboideries. Mum has lots of grandchildren and my intention was that one baby from each grandchild would get a quilt featuring some of her work. The rest will still get a quilt but without her embroidery in it. So... only 4 in each of the quilts from now on.

I have the pattern printed out for Reading Challenge being run by The Stitch Tv Show. The pattern is by Daisy of Lazy Daisy Quilts and Reads. Fittingly it is a bookshelf quilt. I have put in a heap of my 1.5" strip scraps and hope that they will be suitable for all the blocks.

I have other projects ready to go as well... backing to make for My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, some more casserole covers and  other stuff too I am sure. I have each project in its own clip top box which will make it easy for me to find... or at least that is the plan.

I still have to pack my clothes. The sewing stuff is all packed up in the car ready to go... priorities you know.

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