Thursday, June 30, 2016

End of the Month Goal review and setting some new ones.

At the beginning of the month when I set my goals I remember thinking that I had been VERY ambitious and was already back pedalling on what I would accomplish. However I think in the end I did pretty well.

Make Pencil cases for Handmade Love. I got 8 completed so was very happy with that

Make 3 more casserole carriers. I got one done. Oh well

Pin and Quilt Onya Bike - I didn't get to this mainly because I have decided to leave it till the Patchwork Club I belong to gets their Long Arm machine and I will do it on that.

Make 3 baby quilts. I have the three tops made but need to work on borders for 2 of them. One is pinned ready to quilt

Make backing for My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes - Done and its pinned ready to be quilted

Make Backing for Hexie Quilt - Done. I am waiting on my next bolt of batting to arrive before I get it pinned. Or then again I might do it on the long arm

Assemble Amy Gibson BOM quilt - done! The blocks are together. Now I have to make the backing

Quilt Hashtag quilt - done

Quilt Dash to Japan - done

Get up to date with Summer Reading QAL - done although I might be behind again. I have to put it together

Make Birds in the Air blocks for Twilter block swap. Done. They have arrived at the swap co-ordinators place and soon she will be doing the swap and we will get ours back. Whoo hoo

Sooooo Not a bad effort at all. The only goal I made no progress on was the quilting of Onya Bike and that was for very good reason. 

Now to set the goals for this coming month

  • quilt Onya Bike
  • finish quilts for my great niece and great nephew who are already here. 
  • Finish a quilt for my friends grand daughter and make one for a baby boy born overseas. He gets one featuring Australian animals.
  • work on quilt for great niece/nephew due by the end of the year
  • quilt Hexie quilt.
  • quilt Amy Gibson BOM
  • quilt My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
  • make Christmas themed items for HML stall at craft show at the end of the month.
  • empty scrap basket
  • finish Summer Reading QAL
  • get up to date in the mystery quilt my group is running

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  1. You sure are keeping busy!!! Love the Rainbow House items you all are making!