Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

I got busy on Monday and worked on the 6 pencil pencil cases that I was in the midst of making for our next handmade with love stall, at the Christmas in July Craft markets at a nearby town to us. I worked on them all at once, completing one step on all of the pencil cases before moving onto the next step. I got them all to the stage where I just had to sew the linings together and the outside pieces and then invert them.

I got those last stages done at our Handmade With Love gathering on Tuesday and so was able to hand over 6 completed pencil cases as well as the 2 fabric baskets I had made earlier in the week. I seem to have counted them in last weeks numbers which has me wondering if I had them finished the previous week why I didn't hand them in... who knows. They are on my sheet as the previous week so they are already counted. Just checked and the photos are up last week too so I must have just forgotten to hand them in.

Fabric used                          2.19 m
Fabric Added                       0.00m (Yay)
Weekly Net                          2.19m

Fabric Used                      63.11m
Fabric Added                    36.35m
Year Net                            26.76m

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  1. Isn't it great to finish items?

  2. Cute pencil cases. You are doing good with your used numbers. Keep it up!