Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

This week has been cool and wet here in Central Queensland. Now you could expect it to be cool since its officially mid winter but we are on the Tropic of Capricorn so we don't do winter too well. Yes it gets cold overnight (sometimes down to zero but that's pretty rare. Under 10 normally) but during the day we usually get to the mid 20s. A common saying here is we get 2 weeks of winter where you have to leave your jacket on all day. Its been low to mid teen maximums this week on quite a few days. So we little thin blooded precious babies have felt the cold.

And its wet. That isn't usual. We normally get summer rain... infact not too far north of here people don't talk summer winter spring autumn when it comes to seasons. Its the Wet season and the Dry season and the winter months is the dry season. So winter rain isn't common but this year we have had the highest rain falls for June and July for many decades.

So cold bleak weather - who wants to go outside. Not me that is for sure. Its been great weather to stay home and sew. I got over my horrid cold but Fixit Guy came down with it so - he's not been wanting to do too much that would distract me from sewing.

SO I have accomplished quite a bit this week and have heaps of finishes. Mostly they have been small things but - whatever. A finish is a finish.

Fabric Baskets: I made 3 of these for the Handmade with Love stall. 2 of them have Christmas fabric on the outside which came from the HWL stash but the linings all came from my stash as well as one outer so a small bit of usage. .21m 

Pencil Cases: I've made 13 of these this week to the new pattern I found. The tutorial can be found here. My sister sent me the feature fabric that I used in 10 of them. I had to input the fabric as well so its not "pure profit". 1.59m

Table runners: I finished off 8 of these this week. I had made the tops last week but got them all finished off so can count them at last. I handed 3 in without photographing them. I made 8 following the picture of one I found on the Pinterest. It was only the picture not a pattern. (I can't assign credit as the picture didn't say)
 and 3 from leftover scraps. Some of the fabric came from Handmade With Love stocks so I only counted half of what I made in my calculations. 1.56m

Bessie's Bears: Finally quilted and bound the baby quilt I pinned out a few weeks ago. I called it Bessie's Bears in honour of my mum who stitched the embroidered bears on it. Its based on the Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern "Sparkle".  Its going to a great niece in Sydney. I'll take it when I go down in August. 4.02m

I deliberately didn't put all the pictures going the one way so the quilt can be used in any direction. Of course if my niece in law is OCD that might just drive her nuts... I don't think she is

I love my mum's embroideries. She isn't stitching anymore so the remaining embroideries I have are being carefully hoarded in order that each of my nieces and nephews will be able to get a little of mum's work

Summer Reading QAL : yesterday I finished off my bookshelf wall hanging. I had the "shelves" all done for a while now but finally got cracking and put it together and then quilted and bound it. I even put the hanging sleeve on it and the label so its all done. The pattern is by Daisy Fredericks of Lazy Daisy Quilts (and Reads). The pattern is on Craftsy here. Pam and Lynne from The Stitch TV Show ran the QAL. I added .2 to my fabric tally to allow for the sleeve and the extra wastage and piecing for paper piecing. 1.14m

Pippin wanted in on the action.

The only fabric in was the .5 m of super hero fabric my sister sent me.

I have ordered some Pokemon fabric from Equilter to make some more pencils, book bags, zipper pouches etc to capture some of the market created by the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the world. Hope they are popular. I don't have to count that till it arrives though... phew

Wks 28 and 29

Fabric used                          8.31 m
Fabric Added                       0.51m 
Weekly Net                          7.80m

Fabric Used                      71.64m
Fabric Added                    36.86m
Year Net                            34.78m

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