Thursday, July 28, 2016

WIP Wednesday. A busy week

I'm staying with our daughter this week in Brisbane. She works all day and we have friends to visit and other things to do and of course trying to get some steps in to counteract the morning teas, lunches and dinners out and such - not to mention the mug cakes I've been making after dinner in the evenings if we have stayed home and the packets of peanut m'n'ms and chocolate coated raspberry bullets I've bought (naughty naughty me)

In between all that I have had some time for sewing. I'm encouraged to do that especially in the evenings as my daughter's home has a tiny loungeroom which only fits 2 lounge chairs in it... so I go to the bedroom to sew.

I've made 2 trips to sewing places this trip... well 3 actually now I think of it. (make that 4). The first on Saturday morning was to a "craft exchange" - a women's co-operative sort of place where they run lots of classes and get togethers for women of a crafting nature. They also run a shop 3 mornings a week that sells donated craft goods - some are second hand ie used - mostly patterns and books- but the rest are fabrics, beads, wool etc - left over from other crafters. I had a ball there on Saturday morning and purchased lots of stuff (see my Sunday Stash Report Here) We also visited a Lincraft store for me to get some vlisofix (I can't say or spell that word... the stuff you use for iron on applique) 

And then on Monday I visited a fabric shop very close to my daugher's called Make It Hobby n Craft which specialises in pop culture, licensed fabric. I got some Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Pokemon and Alice in Wonderland Fabric. 

Wednesday I took myself back there and got a few more fabrics... Star Wars, Betty Boop, Space Invaders, WOW, Marvel comics - all from the remnant bins.

I am still cogitating exactly what I shall make with these lovely goodies. They will make great additions to our Handmade With Love stalls as well as fun presents for members of my own Pop Culture Geeky family!

The shop has the funkiest carry bags. I have 2 now. They are shiny gold. They don't show up well in the photo.

In the meantime - this week I have been working on -
A casserole carrier using some leftover blocks I was given. I have the outside strips together. Now I have to cut the lining and the batting and quilt them and put them together. I had planned to do that whilst away but I used the batting on another project. Oops

Christmas Tree Table runner. I used the fabric I had bought at the craft exchange to make this project. (and the batting for the casserole carrier) I have one runner completed and another top made. I'd complete it only there is no more batting here for me to filch. I have enough materials to make a few more tops so I might get on with that today.

Repeat wall hanging. I printed off all the papers for this project at home and started work on it Wednesday. After I had made the 5 "e's" I realised that in printing them off I had somehow goofed. One page was done in what I believe is the correct size but the rest of the papers (including 3 completed "e's") were smaller. I have made 13 small letters and 2 big letters now. 

My worry is being able to replicate 2 smaller e's. They look a bit wrong

Mini Christmas stockings. At the craft exchange I picked up a project bag. Someone had cut out and started sewing 38 mini Christmas Stockings. They are less than 5" tall so I do mean mini. Last night I sat down and sewed them all up. For some I had to make the binding that went around the top but for others I just had to sew them around. 

They still need the ribbon hangers to go on them. I have stuff that will do the job at home so am resisting the temptation to go buy some more ribbon and finish them off whilst I am here. I thought that they would make a cute set of bunting but am not going to do that - I will donate them to our Handmade With Love group. We might end up sending them over to the children in the school we support or perhaps stuff them and sell them on our stall for a minimal amount (something that children can afford to buy).

So - I'm busy and productive. How about you? How has your week been?

WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. You have been busy! I'm amazed to see the Doctor Who fabric! I may need some of that. Love your use of leftover blocks and the Christmas trees. They are so cute.