Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Goal review and setting August Monthly Goals

I have to confess I was way too ambitious with my July goals. Sigh

To start with what have I accomplished.

  • I made lots of items for the Handmade With Love stall - pencil cases and table runners in the main but also a casserole carrier and the bunting.
  • I got the top made for my niece Jenni's baby.
  • I quilted "Onya Bike" and bound and labelled it
  • I finished The Summer Reading QAL wall hanging
I partially completed some of my goals
  • I worked on the baby quilts for 4 other precious ones in my life. All the tops are done and I have found backing fabric but I haven't cut the backing or batting nor pinned and quilted them
And then there are the complete busts - goals I didn't even begin
  • quilt My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
  • quilt my Hexie quilt (that is one for the long arm and is going to have to wait till September)
  • make backing for Amy Gibson's BOM and quilt (another one for the long arm in September)
  • Club Mystery Quilt. I am thinking I will try to get this one prepped for whilst we are away at the end of this week. I have to track down all the clues. I can only find the last couple.

And as for August

I am going to be travelling a lot in August. We are going to Sarina for a few days. Fixit Guy has an Emmaus Board meeting to attend on the Friday evening and on Saturday there is a Going Forth Day. We are taking the caravan to give it another outing since we haven't been away in it since we got back from picking it up. We thought we might go down Friday and back Monday Wednesday. We will see.

I leave on Thursday to fly to Sydney to see me Mum and to attend my sister Joy's 70th birthday celebration. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with lots of the family both at the party and otherwise. New great niece to visit too so that is a plus! I'll have a few days in Brisbane on my way home and in fact I'll be accompanied by Fangirl for the trip from Brisbane home as she is coming back for the weekend to attend the Chrysalis training weekend that I am coming back for as well. (20th and 21st August) We are both on team for the girls' flight in September.

Then sometime towards the end of the next week (ie probably Thursday 25th) we are driving down to Brisbane in order to attend my school reunion over the weekend. Its my year's 40th reunion - we graduated high school in 1976! We have to come straight home afterwards as I have a commitment on the 30th August. 

So..... not much home time at all this month.

So its a bit hard to decide what I will try to accomplish this month. Since I am flying to Sydney I won't be able to take my machine with me so I need to work out a hand project. If I could get some quilts done before then I could say I was going to stitch the binding down on them but really - no. I machine bind all my quilts these days. I like the look and I like not hand stitching them down. I like hand stitching but would rather it was for something pretty!

I will have some time at home and my priorities as far as projects go will be

Finish of the 4 baby quilts I have started. I have 4 tops done and need to get them quilted. I have some backing fabric I can use but I can also piece them should I wish. I just want to get them done.

Quilt My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes. Its pinned and ready to go. I just have to get on with it.

Make Fangirl a bag holder. She dropped some very obvious hints that she would like one.

Make more table runners for HWL

Make more pencil cases for HWL

Catch up (or at least make progress) on the Club Mystery Quilt

Decide on some projects with the Pokemon fabric I recently ordered and something for the other cute fabric I lashed out and got whilst visiting a speciality quilt shop close to where Fangirl lives in Brisbane. It specialises in licensed fabrics. Its called Make It Hobby and Craft.  Its less than a half hour walk from her place and only 4 minutes in the car. The fabric will make up into great pencil cases, zipper pouches, tote bags and even kitchen products.

That is all going to be way to ambitious for the time I have available. Sigh. 

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  1. That's a lot of stuff going on!! Safe travels to you and your family.