Friday, June 3, 2016

Monthly Goals

Running a bit late with my end of month review of my goals and setting new goals but... its been a fairly busy time over the last week what with getting back from our holiday away and settling back into home and of course we hit the ground running with heaps of things the weekend we got home and every day ever since. Today was a fairly quiet day hence time to recoup and take stock. 

Looking at my blog sidebar I realise that I never even got around to updating what my goals for last month were. I have had to go scrolling back though the blog to the post at the end of the month to see what I was planning on getting done.

My May goals were

  • Piece "My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes" Done
  • Sew Oriental 9 patch blocks for PnP swap Done
  • Buy and cut fabric for 6.5" squares and 2.5" strips for PnP swap The 2.5" strip swap has been cancelled. I need to check what squares I have already cut and then if I need to I will buy and cut more fabric
  • Sew gift for oriental gift swap at PnP I have made a couple of little zipper bags. They aren't perfect but hope that whoever gets them will appreciate that they were made with love.
  • make ear bud carrier for car Nope didn't do this. After I got home I found another one I had here so that will do.
  • Complete the rest of the casserole carriers for HML I didn't make any more. I made 3 all up whilst I was away, 2 for HML and one for me. I have about 3 more cut out to sew at some stage
  • make some Healing Hearts blocks Done
So I did pretty well with my goals. 4 completed in full, a couple shelved and a couple half done.

So for June what are my plans!

  1. Make Birds in the Air blocks for Twilter Swap
  2. Make hanging towels for HML stall
  3. Quilt  HashTag quilt from Twilter swap
  4. Quilt T Diamond Dash quilt 2
  5. Pin and Quilt Onya Bike
  6. Make backing for My Cat Likes to hide in Boxes
  7. Make backing for Hexie Quilt
  8. Put Amy Gibson BOM quilt together
  9. Complete casserole carriers for HML
  10. Catch up blocks from the Stitch TV shows Summer Reading QAL I've bought the pattern - have to print it out and get sewing.
I think that is going to do me! I do have a 4 day quilting retreat coming up so hope to get lots done there but I won't be able to do any of the quilting there. I only take my small machine with me and I can't quilt big things on that.

I am about to confess here that.... I have already made the Birds in the Air blocks... they were done over the last couple of days... but they were at the top of my mental June goal list. (they are due in the USA July 1st so had to get them done quickly)

And I have also done the hand towels. I needed them done for a stall this weekend. I know it looks like cheating... but if I had managed to get my goal list written for June 1st they would have been up there. So humour me. 

What about you? Have you got big plans for the coming month? What do you hope to achieve? I was going to get stuck into that quilting back log as soon as I got home but then I decided to get the backing for Onya Bike done - and then the swap blocks - and the hand towels. Maybe tomorrow I will get a go on.

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  1. I am so thrilled that you keep up this list. I do a similar one and it works very well for me. I can't wait to see what you get done this month. Take care.