Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

I am delighted to be able to report another finish this week... 2 weeks running I have finished a quilt. That is exciting!

I finished off my Twilter Hash tag quilt which was a great thrill. I started to write it's own finished blog post but didn't get it completed. The blocks were from a block swap with the Twilter group, a group of quilters united initally on Twitter but now on Facebook as well. We all listen to podcasts, particularly Hip to Be a Square, Quilting for the Rest of Us, Lazy Daisy Quilts (and reads), Weezyworks, The Offkilter Quilt and Nonnie's Quilting Dream (I think I have missed one out... hmmmm) Oh Yes Quilt Cabana Corner, The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady and The Quilting Pot.

Anyway last year we decided to do a block swap and chose the hashtag or pound sign # block from Amy Gibson's free craftsy block of the month class from 2012. I got my blocks put together earlier on in the year and got the quilt pinned in March but with being away for 6 weeks over April and May I didn't get to sit down to work on it till last week. Now its done. 

Yay. I quilted a different design in each block, basing my design choice on the either the back ground fabric of the block or that of the hash tag itself. Some worked well.... other not so much. However it was fun spending the time on it.

My other finishes this week have been fabric baskets. I've made 6 of them so far. They are all for the Handmade With Love Stall at the Christmas in July craft fair next month. Some one asked me about Christmas in July after she saw a picture of my jars of savoury sugar coated peanuts with a Christmas caps on. 

In Australia Christmas occurs in the middle of our very hot summer. Now whilst some people are still sticklers for the traditional hot roasts associated with Christmas in northern countries, many of us opt for cold meats and salads. However the tradition has sprung up with many people to celebrate Christmas in winter and so be able to enjoy the hot dishes and puddings. July is our coldest month. A craft show at this time of the year is also a chance for people to stock up on some Christmas presents ahead of time.

The parent group (P&C) of a school in a near by town has been running a craft show for a few years now. Handmade with Love is going to have a stall for the first time this year. I have started to make a few extra things. As well as the baskets (some of which are made out of Christmas fabric)

 and the savoury peanuts I have made a couple of pencil pencil cases and have 6 more cut out ready to be sewn. I had better get on with them.

How is your sewing going? Hope you have made some good progress this week

Stash Usage for Week 26

Fabric used                       10.32 m
Fabric Added                     00.00m (Yay)
Weekly Net                        10.32m

Fabric Used                      60.93m
Fabric Added                    36.35m
Year Net                            24.58m

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  1. I love your hashtag quilt! It is bright and cheery. It was also the perfect way to work on the various free-motion quilting designs. Funny...When I started to write my post a little while ago, my husband was on the phone with someone in Australia. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon/evening and rest of the week.