Friday, February 3, 2017

Fitness Friday

Or should I call this not so fit Friday. Since mid January I have been battling some sort of fatigue thing. I put up with it - did what I could on days I felt good, took it easy when that was more my inclination and kept on keeping on. 

It finally got too much for me and I was starting to get a bit worried so I went to see my doctor who ordered blood tests for all sorts of things and on Wednesday I went back to see her and got the results. Basically they were able to rule out lots of nasty stuff and there were only a few things that were worthy of note - my Vitamin D was down again - well down and so was my platelet count. Also my cholesterol was up. Ho hum.

I have been slack this month with my Vitamin D tablets - kept forgetting to take it. I consulted Doctor Google and found that unexplained fatigue can be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. (I looked here). 

I found more information about it on Vitamin D on Jean Hailes website here which explained the various levels of Vitamin D deficiency. At 32 I am in the mild category, so not too alarming but not ideal.

SO...... I have been taking my Vitamin D and have actually started taking 2 of them (at one stage the Dr had me on 4 so I am not overdosing). They are 1000 mg each. I will do it for a week or so and then go back to just one.

I have also pushed myself a bit more; Not lain down whenever I have felt like it, gone for a morning and/or afternoon walk with the dog whatever my inclination. I have been more active during the day.
Also with feeling so low and lacking in energy and enthusiasm I was treating myself to all sorts of snacks - eating chocolates and chips and the like. So - no wonder the cholesterol was creeping up. I have cut back on the treats too. 

I am also trying to be a bit better with my bedtime routine. I haven't managed to get to be early early but have tried to get there by 11 and working on doing it earlier. (Had to write a blog post one night... so stayed up later) I am also not looking at my phone once I get into bed or during the night. I listen to podcasts to go to sleep or to put me back to sleep if I wake up. So that is all I am doing with my phone in bed - setting up the podcast and putting the phone on the bedside table. (I have blue tooth headphones now - so cool)
Fixit Guy had to go to Brisbane on Wednesday for a funeral. He won't be home till tomorrow night so I have had to be taking care of myself so that has helped push me along.

So between not doing much walking for over 3 weeks and eating all sorts of rubbish to make me feel better I have put on a bit of weight but not as much as I would have in the past. This morning I weighed 97.1kgs.

Exercise wise I have only made my 10 000 steps once this week but hoping that things will improve from here on in and I will be back to getting them regularly.

And because I haven't been walking as much I haven't taken any nature photos to delight you with... sorry. Actually haven't been walking by the river so much either. We go to the park with Pokemon stops fairly regularly for one but also Jack dog has been indicating he would rather walk around the block. It bemuses me cause when we go by the river he is off the lead and can run where he likes but when we go around the block he has to stay on the lead. Maybe he likes the extra smells on the block walk. 

Anyway here is my Jack this afternoon He was sleeping but woke up when I took the photo. He then looked hopeful that I would take him for a walk now or at least give him some attention but eventually sighed and looked away

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