Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Fitness

I have managed to shift a bit of the weight I found whilst not feeling well. I do almost resent people who lose weight when they are sick. Unless I am physically throwing up my response to not feeling well is to eat... maybe this will make me feel better - no? okay then maybe this. So when hit with the lethargy that  had me sleeping in, snoozing during the day and not doing much in between - I tried to heal myself with nibbling lots.

Anyway this last week I have taken myself in hand somewhat and managed to walk every day and some days to walk twice. I've also had 2 dental appointments (after which my wallet felt a lot lighter) and a chiropractor appointment. Apart from an 18th birthday party last Saturday night I've eaten far less indulgently and continued to try to make good choices. The scales have shown a drop and this morning I was 96.6kgs.

I haven't been looking at my step counts for the day although I am wearing my fitbit. I made 10 000 steps last Friday but haven't since... been in the 9 000 most days and 8 000 other.  Its been really hot here and I am still not sleeping well so I wake up sluggish and with morning appointments I haven't had time to walk before them and then it gets so hot. We walk on dusk which is quite nice - still hot but bearable.

Anyway - hopefully I am back on track and things will improve from now on!


  1. I'm the same way when I'm sick. I tell myself I don't feel good so I deserve this treat! Hang in there. I'm just getting back on track also. But here it's cold! No walking outside for me.

  2. Sorry to learn you've been sick. You're alright now, though?