Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mid month Goal Review

There is one goal that I should have put up this month. Its one I have been working towards. I really really want to get back into the black as far as my stash report numbers go. 

Back at the beginning of the month a trip to Make In Sew in Brisbane at which I purchased lots of fabrics in the pop culture line saw me well and truly into the red. I bought the fabric in order to sew things for the stall Handmade With Love will have at the Brisbane Comic Convention in September. It was under 9 metres so not a huge amount (although it cost enough believe me) 

However that bigger purchase combined with my mystery lethargy/fatigue has seen me not completing any major projects. I started the year working on a few small UFOs and also participating in a couple of mystery quilts so finishes have been small. As I write this I am still in the red by 1.57m - I am so close to the black I can smell it.

Then last week the fatigue started to lift and I was able to get back into the big sewing. I worked on a number of projects (see this week's WIP post here) as well as a few more smaller projects - items for the stall. 

That was working towards one of my goals as well - Make 10 items for Comic Con Stall. I am up to 5 items made (1 zipper pouch and 4 messenger bags)

One of the WIPs that I made progress on accomplished another of my goals. Complete backing for Stringen' 'Em Along. I have not only completed the backing but now have it pinned and ready to quilt. I have already made the binding as well.

Another of the WIPs I worked on was the Handwork Heritage and in doing so completed another goal. Attach the borders to Handwork Heritage. I attached the borders, made the backing and made the binding. I am hoping to quilt it on the long arm next week.

I have also worked a little on En Provence and plan thus completed the goal Work on En Provence. I have cut the 3.5" squares that were needed to complete the blocks. I have laid a couple of the blocks out to see how they look. 

I have yet to start sewing them together. Perhaps next week.

That leaves 3 goals that I haven't made any progress on (but it is only the end of week one so I can be forgiven)

Charlotte's February clue is not yet released  so  I can't yet Complete February clue on Charlotte's mystery. 

I will be quilting on the long arm next week and hope to get 2 done (that will make up for the one I didn't do last month) Quilt one quilt on long arm.

The last goal for February was A to Z Challenge quilt - Assemble. I can't assemble it yet as I need to buy some fabric for the sashing. I don't really have anything suitable in my stash and I want something that will tie all the different blocks together. And I don't want to buy more fabric till I am back in the black again as far as my stash report is. One of my little conceits

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