Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunday Stash report on Tuesday

I started this report a few days early and saved it and then didn't get back to finish it for a couple of days. So its coming to you a few days late
Projects completed this week:

Satchel - this is for the Comic Con stall I have decided to participate it. (pattern found here) I will be selling stuff with pop culture theme and sharing a table with Gamer Girl who will be displaying and selling her art work. The fabric for this satchel features skeleton cats and fish bowls and the lining is white skulls on black background. Fangirl assures me that skulls are very "in". .65m

Zipper Pouch - bike fabric. Whilst not strictly pop culture bikes on stuff is very popular so hopefully someone will like this..24m

Fabric In - None. Again. Go me. I have done a LOT of sewing this year and apart from my blow out when in Brisbane buying pop culture fabric, I haven't purchased any fabric and almost everything that I have used has not only come from my stash but also from my scrap stash (apart from the above 2 items which came from the specially purchased fabric either this year or last) You would think that I would be noticing some more space in my scrap drawers but not so far!!

I have 3 5 quilts with backings made and batting cut already to be quilted. A couple I will definitely do on the club long arm but the other 3 are probably small enough for me to do at home. Whilst I would prefer to do them on the long arm as I loathe pinning, and whilst the hire of our club long arm is only $20 per item so very inexpensive I am madly trying to save money for our trip to Europe and Japan in August so...  

Once I get these quilts done my stash report numbers will be well and truly back in black However for the moment I am still in deficit.

How has your fabric usage gone this week?
Week 5 

Fabric used        0.80
Fabric added      0.00
Net usage          0.89m

Year to Date     
Fabric used         5.52
Fabric Added       9.05
Net Usage         -3.53m

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  1. Great job! I think the bikes will be be appealing that is great fabric and if nobody else wants it, talk to me. ;-0 I am also tracking. No large finished yet, but some stuff I will giveaway and some pending finishes. It is interesting to track fabric usage.