Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Fitness and February mid month Goal review

I've started riding my bike again. When Fixit Guy and I travel to Europe in August we are going to go on a Barge Bike cruise. Not 100% sure which one but at the moment are favouring one that starts and finishes in Prague.

Anyway in preparation for that I need to get bike fit. I want to be fully able to enjoy the ride and not be worried about not being able to complete the daily rides or being too sore in the legs or bottom to be able to enjoy the rest of the trip. So far I have only had a couple of very short rides but I plan to ride as far each week as we will be riding on the tour (A little under 200km if we go on all the proffered bike tours.) So... need to get a bit fit.

Its been very hot here all week and whilst I have been mostly over the fatigue I was suffering from we have been going to bed a bit late so getting up in time to do a morning walk hasn't worked out. We have walked every evening at least. *Except Wednesday. I was sooo tired from a full day on my feet at Patchwork I came home at 5 and slept till after 7

We walked at the Windmill Park, as it is commonly known on sunset one day. A storm was coming - or so we hoped but it went around us again

I haven't been monitoring how many steps I have been getting although on at least 2 occassions I made my 10 000 steps. These were days I was working on the long arm quilting machine. I was on my feet for the whole time so lots of walking up and down must have added up.

I didn't weigh myself this morning. I am not sure how I have gone weight wise this week.... don't think I made great strides in loosing any.

And as far as my Mid Month goal review... I had 7 goals for this month. With 11 days left in the month I am delighted to report that I have completed 5 of them, I have just one more item to make for Comic Con and I will have completed that goal leaving just one goal that I have yet to start on. That is Assemble the A to Z quilt. I bought the fabric for the sashing Wednesday so hope to start on assembling it today perhaps.

February Goals

  • make 10 items for Comic Con Stall - 9 done
  • Complete backing for Stringen' Em Along DONE
  • attach borders to Handwork Heritage DONE (in fact the whole quilt is DONE)
  • Complete February Clue on Charlotte's mystery DONE
  • quilt one quilt on the longarm- hexagon quilt DONE
  • Assemble A to Z challenge quilt 
  • Work on En Provence- top together

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