Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Fitness

Been a while since I updated my fitness report. I  have been working hard at making sure I make my 10 000 steps each day and haven't missed this last week and possibly not this fortnight... might have had one day when I only got to 8000 steps. Have had a couple of days where I have made it to over 15 000 steps which has been awesome.

Today my 7 day total on fitbit is just over 91 000 and we have yet to go on our afternoon walk. I am top of my friends which is making me smile. (Still waiting for Terje to recover from her broken leg. She is the queen of the fitbit stats when she is healthy. Currently working out on a scooter board so still active)

Weight wise I have been hovering around 87kgs. Have dipped under it a few days but this morning I was plum on it. I would like to get to 80 so still have a way to go but have currently lost 13kgs so am smiling. I am fitting into jeans and shorts that have been too small for a few years now and some I things I have bought in the last 12 months are getting a bit loose... bring out the belts.

Haven't done much running. Well have run but not long distance. I have started the c210k and am now up to week 2 as I have been so slack. Some days I run the whole lot, just run harder on the run parts but some days I just run the run parts. I like to mix it up :)

I was away at a quilting retreat last weekend but I was very determined to keep up my steps and did so by going for a walk first thing in the morning. My local walking buddy was spending the long weekend nearby to where my retreat was so 2 mornings I was able to meet up with her and we had a walk along the beach in Yeppoon. The other two mornings I walked by myself, once along the lake and the other time along a nearby Kinka Beach. Made a change from my usual riverside walks, or walks around the streets here.
sunrise over Causeway Lake

Instead of sulphur crested cockatoos galahs and ibis my birds were pelicans and seagulls

The bridge over The Causeway, looking out to sea

Kinka Beach

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