Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

Didn't get around to doing a stash report last week as I was away from home and didn't have my laptop with me so didn't have my excel spreadsheet with me with my stats on it. I haven't finished anything or bought anything in the meantime so it will be the same anyway

The only finishes that I had in the last fortnight have been 6 little zipper pouches that I made for the Handmade With Love stall that we had last Saturday. I haven't heard how we went. Actually I made 5 for the stall and one I took as a gift for my hostess last weekend. Her cat had gone missing and I made her a little bag with cat fabric on it. The good news is that whilst I was there Patrick was caught in a cat trap not far from where he had escaped and was returned to her in remarkably good nick for an entirely indoors cat who had to make do in the wild for 12 days.  Fabric used 1.44m

Suzy's bag. See the rest of the pouches I made here

I did finish a quilt for patchwork group that I forgot to count in my stash usage. I couldn't count the whole amount for the quilt as many of the blocks were made by others and I had already counted the blocks that I contributed earlier. However I contributed the backing fabric and also the blue grey background fabric on the front (the proper name for this has slipped my mind. Hopefully I will recall it before I publish this) Fabric used 3.91m

I have finished this quilt but can't find a photo of it. This quilt won 1st place at our local agricultural show in the group effort quilt. I was pleased with my work as I had designed it and put it together from the contributed blocks

I haven't had any finishes to speak of but have had a few splurges that have bumped up my figures for the period... oops.

I had to go to Spotlight on my way to the quilting retreat I was going to. One of the things I needed to get was press studs. I bought all manner of other stuff but forgot about the press studs. Oh dear. 

Amongst some other quilting supplies like basting spray, thread, iron on stiffening and batting, I bought 2 bundles of batik fat quarters... 5 pieces in each bundle. One was the most gorgeous bluey/greens and the other lovely orange. I am looking forward to making something really special with them. Fabric acquired 2.57 m

My other fabric came via silent auction wins. In the most case I was just bidding on different lots to make sure every one got a bid and some of them got a bit more than what others had put on them. Often there was a pile of stuff in the lot that I didn't necessarily take any notice of. There was 2.5m  of green linen like fabric and 2.25m of a pale purple in the same fabric. I am using both of these in a backing for a quilt. I have used up most of the green and a good bit of the purple as well. There was also 2.28m of a white fabric which I am planning on using to make banners for church. (if you add up the figures down below this will come out slightly differently because of the input formulas used in excel) I did't take photos of this... its all cut up now and really... a lump of white fabric looks like white fabric

Oh just remembered there was also 25m of fabric in my prize for winning the game of bingo we had at our retreat dinner. I also won the Anzac quiz but donated that gift to the person who came 2nd (who was my neighbour and I had helped with her answers as well) 

There were a couple of other lots of fabric but I am putting them straight into the box of stuff to go to Lifeline as I won't use it so I didn't count it in or out.

I have finished the top for my Scrapitude quilt and have been working on the backing. I have gone to way more trouble than I needed to on the backing, piecing blocks for it but I have been having fun trying to use up all the excess triangles I accidentally cut for it as well as the rest of the fabric left over from the borders I made. I am planning on sending Scrapitude off to be long arm quilted. I had planned to do it myself but that was before I added the extra borders and it became a little large for me to handle.

So the figures for this fortnight

So my stats for this month (end of week 24)

Fabric Used                                5.34

Fabric Added                            10.30

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               68.98

Fabric Added                             33.01

Net Fabric used                        35.97m

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  1. I really envy people who can do stuff like this. I can barely do a proper stitch! LOL!!!!