Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fat Friday and Monthly Goals update

I won't even pretend that this is a Fitness Update. My attempts to exercise, eat more healthily, go to bed earlier have all gone out the window this week. I've put on weight, barely made 2000 steps some days and stayed up till all hours.

Discovering Mug Brownies has been a major downfall as far as the diet goes.

The colder weather we have been having combined with staying up late means no way do I want to get up early in the morning and the evenings have been closing in. We seem to have had stuff on in the afternoons or evenings and with our boys home from uni (college to my American readers) things have been out of routine. So missed a good few walks this week. Hopefully we will get better soon.

I have been getting lots of sewing done and have really mown through my July goals. I am up to date with the POD blocks. We have only one of the blocks to go and then there are a few extras we can do if we want. Soon be time to put them all together. I know some people have been sewing their rows as they have gone but I have resisted till we get the new layout from the designer, due in just a few more weeks.

I got my two quilts that I had professionally quilted bound, I've finished my part of the community quilt our Patchwork Group was working on. I've made up all the hand towels I had on had into hanging kitchen towels apart from 2 that I am needing some more press studs for... thats 11 done and 2 to finish off. I have down that I am going to make some more zipper pouches and I will do that soon. And of course the Growing in Christ banner was done by the time I actually published my goals.

I have decided to add a couple more things to my goals list. I started Charlotte Hawkes "Playing with Nine Patches" after the month began and the top is now finished and the quilt is pin basted ready for me to quilt it. I would like to get it finished by month end.

I also have a birthday to go to by the end of the month that I want to make a gift for the guest of honour so I'll add that too. I do like all my projects to make it to my goal list... then I get to cross them off... so much extra satisfaction then.

There is something else I want to add to the list... something I have to finish or do... but for some reason I can't remember what it is now. I'll add it when I remember

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