Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

Very excited to report that I have had a finish this week. I finished my second Diamond Dash quilt (made to the pattern on Missouri Star Quilt Company) which I am now calling "Dash to Japan" I blogged about this finish yesterday here. I added an little extra to the amount of fabric used in it after I put it on the spread sheet and it had done is "Thing" calculating usage (Pam from Hip to Be a Square worked out a formula to allow for piecing, the backing, and the binding) as the back of the quilt was heavily pieced. Anyway the quilt measured 235 cm x 190 cm which came to a total of 10.19m of fabric plus an extra metre so a total of 11.22m of fabric. I was very pleased to have it finished. I handed it over to the recipient yesterday afternoon and she was very pleased with it.

Since I finished it I have been quilting another one and it is soooo close to being done but not quite (just the binding to go)

That was it for fabric usage for the week and there was NO fabric in 

Fabric Tracking Week 25

Fabric Used                11.22m
Fabric added                0.00m
Weekly net                  11.22m

Year to date
Used                           50.60m
Added                         36.35m
YTD Net                      14.25m

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