Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Its a wonderfully cool wet day here in my home town. The wonderful is mostly cause its wet. We are very dry at the moment and so the rain is very appreciated. Unfortunately its also the 2nd and final day of our local show and so not so great for going to that. In fact I didn't go... stayed home and sewed all day. Our church was paid to do the parking at the show (ie be up at the car park directing cars into rows) and I did go up for 3 hours yesterday and help there but I didn't go inside at all. I didn't enter anything this either. We were away till the day before the quilt entries had to be in and I couldn't get my head around it.... That plus most of my finishes this year have been given away as gifts.

So... lots of lovely sewing weather ... what have I been working on this week.

Onya Bike. I got the back for this finished. It (the backing) ended up being 104" x 112" - HUGE. The quilt should finish at 96"x 104". Now I will have to get it pinned and quilted. I am not sure I have enough batting left on the roll. I need to order another roll asap. 

Birds in the Air Twilters block swap. Twilters are having a block swap in honour of our member Frances Dowell who is releasing her first novel for adults, which features the Birds in the Air block. We are swapping the blocks amongst ourselves as well as making an extra block for Frances. When her book is released, Frances will be doing a book tour to some quilt groups and bookshops and will be taking some quilts she has made based on the birds in the air block, along with the one she will make from the Twilters Blocks (we hope.)

So today I finally got down to making my blocks this week. I had a few hassles; I miscalculated in my cutting and ran out of fabric but was able to find some more that would do the job. It is always a hassle when instructions are given for one block but you need to make 42.  Some are a little undersized. I don't know why. When signing them I stuffed up a couple of times as well... one time I wrote my maiden name. I've been married 34 years next month so not sure where writing it came from... I just added my married name to the end (I do use both as my facebook ID so maybe that is why it popped up)

WIPs on Wednesday

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