Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stash Report

Fixit Guy and I arrived home again from our trip on Friday afternoon. We drove over 9000 kms in our 6 wks and 2 days that we were away. Our van, that we picked up in Melbourne at the mostly Southerly point of our trip, has travelled over 4000 kms. We basically did the trip down in 3 days of travel (we stopped at the end of each leg for a week) and came home over almost 4 weeks. We had a great time.

Sewing wise I got a few things made: 3 casserole covers, 2 quilt tops, 3 zipper pouches, 2 plastic bag holders, and 4 hanging towels. I also started working on the backing for one of my quilts (but it was hard to do that without my design board cause I was improvising it sort of and kept getting lost so stopped) And then crocheting: I have completed 5 infinity scarves and have one 3/4 done. 2 are heading down to Victoria as soon as I get them parcelled up.

I was pretty restrained with my purchases whilst I was away. I bought some in the Gold Coast from a 2nd hand shop and then some fabric to finish off the My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes quilt. Those have all been recorded and they have only just managed to let me stay in the black with my stash usage this year. Once I get the two quilt tops I made whilst away and another 2 tops I have finished at home made into quilts then I will make a great leap forward in my usage stats.

My only finish since I reported (I missed last week) is the one little zipper pouch I made from some "made" fabric - 1"-2" strips of Japanese fabrics left over from the two Dots and Dashes quilt which used .43m

Fabric Tracking Week 21-22

Fabric Used              0.43m
Fabric added            0.00m
Weekly net              +0.43m 

Year to Date 
Used                        37.46m
Added                      35.45m
YTD Net                      2.01m

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