Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WIP Wednesday

This week lots of the WIP has involved settling into our new caravan. We'd picked it up last Tuesday (on Fixit Guy's birthday) and spent the next few days settling into it. We had bought a car full of gear to go into it with us from home but we couldn't bring everything we will eventually want to carry in it and some things we have had to buy in order to be able to live in it for the next month or so. The van has a microwave and we didn't have any dishes suitable to cook things in it so bought a couple of containers for that. Its been fun setting it up

One of the first things that I did was to move in my sewing stuff and work out where I will put my things. This trip I have lots of space available for me but once we have all our gear available to us I might not have so much space at my disposal.

I have managed to get a few sewing days in this week and made good progress on a few different projects.

I have made a few necessities for the van: a plastic bag holder (2 actually one for me and one for The Beast) and 2 hanging towels (and 2 for the Beast). It was great to get some finishes under the belt, even though they were small.

Onya Bike: I finished making the piano key border and got it attached to the quilt. The top is now done. Next I have to do the back

Handmade With Love projects: I got 2 casserole covers made using African fabric. They are not quite finished needing the HML label sewn on and also the dowels cut to size and inserted but that will come.

Oriental Scraps: I've recently made 2 T intersection quilts which has resulted in a pile of little half square triangle scraps. I trimmed these up to be 2" square. I pieced the white hst together to make 34 pinwheel blocks 

which I then made into 2 pieces - one 3 pinwheels x 6 pinwheels and the other into 4 pinwheels by 4 pinwheels. 

These I made into two zipper pouches. I was totally winging it and as a result I forgot to include tabs or handles. They aren't quite as smartly finished as some others I had made. They turned out really sweetly though. They will be gifts for a patchwork retreat I am going on in June.


Whilst I was working with the oriental scraps... I sewed all the remaining strips together to make some fabric for more bags. I have several pieces - one about 20" wide, one 9" wide, one strip 6" and one 4". I hope to make some ear bud pouches and coin purses. 

Nine Patch blocks The retreat I am going to in June has an oriental theme to it. We are having a nine patch swap featuring oriental fabric. I got mine made this week too

WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. omg you got so much done! I'm going to look and see if you've posted about the caravan, that really interests me.