Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Stash Report and Monthly Goal wrap up

I have had a few finishes this week, some big and some rather small

The big one is - I have completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I blogged every day in April. The challenge is to blog every day except Sundays, each day blogging about somethign that starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet April 1st being A, 2nd B etc. I made it through. I got my blogs up in a timely fashion (8 AM on the day they were due) and tried hard to read 10 other blogs in the challenge and comment on them too (unless they were too far outside my comfort zone or were hard to find where to leave a comment)

Anyway - tis done.

My sewing related finishes consisted of making 2 plastic bag holders, one for our caravan (brand new, picked up on Tuesday) and one for our son The Beast, whom we have been visiting here in Melbourne. I have also made 4 hanging towels, 2 for the new van and 2 for the Beast. They didn't use much fabric - about a metre all up but it was lovely to have some finishes.

I have made 2 casserole carriers for Handmade With Love using African fabric I  was given for the purpose so I don't get to count them as finishes for my fabric count.

I also finished the piano key borders for "Onya Bike", the T Intersection quilt top I have been working on. The top is now completed. I will work on the back this trip too - I think although I may move onto some other projects since I am not going to have time to get it quilted for a while.

And I didn't add any fabric. So I'm still positive for the year... only just but still positive.

Stats from Weeks 18

                 Fabric used            0.93m
                 Fabric added          0.00m
Year to Date                 
                 Fabric used           35.94m                 

                 Fabric added       32.37m
Net Used                                  3.57m  

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My Monthly Goal wrap up.

  • work on handmade with love projects. Before we left to come on our trip I cut out 5 casserole covers using African fabric from the HML stock. I have completed two of them, apart from the labels (which I have lost) and the dowel that I won't get till we are home again.
  • sew left over hexies into strip for backing Done
  • cut fabric for Square within a square Done
  • cut fabric for T Intersection quilt Done. The top is now sewn (as detailed above and in previous WIPs and Sunday Stash Reports)
  • Complete A to Z blogging challenge Done. All the blog posts were completed on time (as detailed above)

So I had a very successful month completing all my goals.

May Goals - hmmm
  • Piece "My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes"
  • Sew Oriental 9 patch blocks for PnP swap
  • Buy and cut fabric for 6.5" squares and 2.5" strips for PnP swap
  • Sew gift for oriental gift swap at PnP
  • Work on casserole carriers
  • make ear bud carrier for car
  • Complete the rest of the casserole carriers for HML
  • make some Healing Hearts blocks 

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  1. You're missing a May goal - perfect the sewing corner of the caravan ;)