Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Its the Navman''s Fault. Stash Report

I started writing this blog post on Sunday as per my usual schedule. I needed to add the photos before uploading it. I thought I would get that done in the evening when we stopped. Only the problem was that where we camped for 2 nights we were out of range of the mobile phone so no internet. Hence Its now Tuesday and I am finally finishing it off.

On Saturday my husband, aka Fixit Guy went off for a blokes get together leaving me with a whole day free. We were camped on my sister and brother in laws farm near Cooronbong. My sister is currently in Western Australia visiting her newly arrived and EXTREMELY premmie grandson.My niece runs a horse business on her parents place so she was busy so I had the day to myself. I looked up local quilt shops. I needed some fabric to finish of my latest project. Google maps said Patchwork and Coffee on Main was 26kms away. That would do me. Jumped in the car, typed the address into the navman and set off, carefully following the audio directions. When it directed me onto the freeway, heading towards Sydney I was concerned and then I glanced at the distance on the screen - 67kms. By this time I was on the freeway. I thought it would get me off at one of the exits but instead it kept me going down the freeway for 20kms, to get me off turn me around and send me back again... past where I had come on to another exit  past it.... No I hadn't gone the wrong way on the freeway... it was the crazy navman.

Anyway by the time I finally got to my end point I was really hungry. I had decided that I deserved breakfast out if FG was having it out... but there wasn't anywhere near where the shop I had arrived at. I could get a savoury roll and a coffee at a bakery. 

AND It was a different shop... called Pins and Things - which specialised in wool but had some notions and a little fabric at a good price. So... I bought 2  half metre cuts of 2 pretty green co-ordinating fabrics. 

I also got some wool to crotchet in the car. The shop owner kindly directed me to the quilt shop, it was 4 blocks further up the street, and called Patchwork on the Lake. No coffee mentioned but it was on Main Street. I'm not sure where that shop had disappeared too....

It was a lovely big shop with a large range of fabrics and I found several fabrics that would do the job I needed. I also found the fabric that featured in the quilt - the original cat fabric. So I got some more of that too.

I had felt so annoyed by the misdirection and let down by not having a nice breakfast I bought more fabric than I actually needed - some nice orange for the border after the piano key border and 2 different greens - I couldn't choose. I thought that one might go as an inner border and the other as the binding. I didn't actually buy very much - .5m of both greens and the cat fabric and .6 of the orange. So not really that much but I did feel a bit extravagant.

I came home after that instead of going on into the city to Spotlight. I couldn't wait to get started on finishing off the top - My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes. I fussy cut some of the cats from the fabric to go as corner stones. I had been going to appliqué them onto cream squares but forgot to buy more iron on stuff to secure them. I cut squares instead. I got the Piano key border on and then the orange borders. That is supposed to be it.

As I type this though I am wondering if I really have finished. The top is currently 72" square. It was going to be a cuddle quilt for the lounge but now wondering if I should extend it with a few more borders and make it queen sized. I can't actually finish it off whilst we are travelling so I will have time to think about what I am going to do. Thinking about perhaps making pinwheels with one of the green fabrics I bought for the binding - maybe alternating them with some fussy cut cats - I won't have enough fabric to do that so might end up buying some more on the trip or waiting till I get home and raiding my stash.

Funny thing happened whilst trying to photograph the quilts on the fence. My niece runs a horse business on the property we were staying at. The ones in the paddock that's fence I was using to photograph the quilt got very interested in what I was doing

No finishes this week. Eek

Fabric Tracking Week 20

Fabric Used:             0.00m
Fabric Added            3.07m
Weekly net                3.07m    

Year to Date 
Used                        37.03m
Added                      35.45m
YTDNet                      1.57m

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