Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slow to take a hint

How quick are you on the uptake? Are you quick to change your ways or are you stubborn to the point of ridiculousness.

That was me tonight. I have been working on a project - one I had spotted on Pinterest and was wanting to have a go at. 

this is the quilt pattern from the website.

Its here on - a gorgeous Christmas table runner. I had planned to pull some fabrics to take away with me whilst I am in Brisbane visiting 3 of my children (Fangirl, Kombi Boy and his partner Gamer Girl, and our youngest Boyo) However I didn't get time to pull what I needed - and I knew I didn't have any of the cream background fabric I needed and I didn't get to look through my scraps for the green and brown. Besides I knew that Fangirl and I were going to visit The Nest here in Brisbane. On Saturday, Monday and Wednesday  from 10 - 1 they operate a second hand craft shop selling all manner of donated craft items for very reasonable (cheap) rates. Going with a project in mind would focus my spending and allow me to have some fun and not feel guilty for buying fabric I didn't have a purpose for.

So this morning Fangirl and I drove over to the house that is The Nest and enjoyed a browse through their goodies. I spent $43.50, mostly on fabric (I shall account for it tomorrow) and came away with a bulging bag of stuff that I do have plans for.

After a very indulgent lunch - her treat as my belated Mother's Day celebration we visited another craft shop and puchased the Vlisofix I needed and then we came home and I started to create. I had to print out the pattern and then trace off the trees and stumps, iron them onto the fabrics, cut them out then iron them onto the background and finally I could start to sew them down to the background. This is where my being slow and stubborn comes in.

My thread kept breaking. It was good aurifil thread. I rethreaded the machine, I cleaned out the bobbin case, I rewound the bobbin, I checked for others stuff but I wouldn't replace the needle. I was sure I hadn't long put it in. There was nothing wrong with the needle. I sewed some more, I rethreaded. Again and again and again as it kept on breaking. I breathed. I swore (silently or under my breath cause I don't use those words). Finally with one tree (out of the 10 on this table runner) to go.... I replaced the needle... and ... yeah... I sewed the whole tree without a break and now its bedtime.

I can't credit that I can be so slow and so stubborn... and yet... yup that is me. I don't know why.

I shall show you a photo of my efforts another day...I hadn't intended to write a blog post tonight... till tomorrow


  1. I have done the same thing and sadly, more than once :-)

  2. As have I...those titanium needles are supposed to last forever,right?

  3. Are you supposed to replace the needle?