Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Stash Report - Win some lose some

I was really looking forward to making this week's stash report. I had a couple of finishes during the week, including a massive one so my figures were looking spectacular... and then yesterday I went to a second hand craft shop.

 Everything there has been donated - I guess pre owned is a better way of describing it. Its an amazing shop filled with donated goods - lots of fabric, - yardage and scraps alike. Patterns, projects in various stages, loads of beads, tapestry wool, scrap book stuff... etc etc etc. I had found a pattern I was itching to do on Pinterest but hadn't taken the time to pull the fabric for before coming on the trip (I wrote about this yesterday) and so I looked for the fabric there and got it ... and a bit more. I just added the fabric to my spread sheet and with all the little bits and bigger bits I ended up buying close to 8m of fabric (for less than $30) so that upped my figures somewhat. Never mind. I am happy with my purchases. I got a bargain and the money went to a good cause. (I wrote about this yesterday when I was getting frustrated by thread breaking. Update on that. New needle solved the problem. I finished stitching down all the applique on the second runner and quilted one  with only one thread breakage... and that was when thread jumped out and wrapped around something.)

So... my finishes. I finished Onya Bike during the week. Still no great photos of it but its lovely. Total 14.74m

8.50 m of bunting for the Handmade with Love Stall. It looks great and I sure hope the others in the group love it as much as I do. Its bright and colourful and I was thrilled with it. 1.32m fabric 

I was trying really hard to get a table runner finished tonight so I could count it but I have faltered at the last. I still have to make and attach the binding but its gotten late and I am too tired and my husband is trying to sleep in the room we are staying in at my daughters so I have called it quits for the night. A finish there isn't far away and it will be good to be able to mark off a little of the input I took on Saturday.

So this week's figures.

Week 30
Fabric Used              16.05
Fabric Added              7.87
Weekly Net                8.18

Year To Date
Fabric Used               87.69
Fabric Added             44.74
YTD Net                    42.96

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  1. Onya Bike is lovely. Glad changing the needle solved the thread breaking issue. So often it is something simple. I am looking forward to seeing your finished table runner particularly as it is made from your trip to the recycled craft item shop. have a great week Judi

  2. You are doing an awesome job of moving fabric out the right way. I'm just having to give lots of mine away!

  3. I think your numbers look great!

  4. Good stash numbers when you use more than comes in. I like your Onya Bike quilt.