Monday, August 8, 2016

Stash Report - 2 weeks worth

I didn't get my stash report done last week... not sure why  but it didn't get written. This week I am writing it from the beach and the internet speeds are pretty slow so there probably won't be any photos.

I have a few finishes. 

Firstly there were 5 table runners using the fabric I had bought at the Craft Exchange in Brisbane. They were all the same pattern but varied a little in size. They are all for Handmade With Love. Total of 4.71m

I also made a plastic bag holder as per a request from Fangirl. I am pretty sure she is going to like it. .23m

And I also finished off 2 baby quilts. One is for my great nephew Damien, born 15 weeks premature. He's 4 months old now and making good progress. He's still in hospital but growing and thriving. It features some of my mum's embroideries and its called Bessie's Bears 2. 3.57m

The second quilt is for my daughter's friend. They met when they were both exchange students in Malaysia in 2003. Soley is from Iceland. 5.09m.

I enjoyed 2 visits to a speciality quilt shop near Fangirl's home in Brisbane. It carries lots of licensed fabric and I indulged well. I ended up buying 8.53m including fabric featuring Pokemon, Starwars, Minecraft, My Little Pony, Betty Boop, Space Invaders amongst others.

So for weeks 31 and 32 

Fabric used               13.60             
Fabric added               8.53
Net                             5.07

Year to Date
Fabric used               101.29
Fabric added               53.27
Net                            48.02

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