Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday

This week my Twilters "Birds in the Air" block swap blocks arrived. It took a little while for them to fly back to swappers on this side of the world. Lyndi and mine arrived together

Its been so much fun seeing the designs that others in the swap have worked out.

I worked out my design and have managed to get the centre of the quilt together. Now to work out a border that will set the lovely blocks off

I've got sore fingers tonight. I pinned 3 baby quilts today at our Patchwork Group sewing day today. Usually my friend Lyndi helps me but she had her own mission today and baby quilts don't take so long. Trouble was that 2 of them had minky backings and they have to be really well pinned to stop them going wonky. I used up almost all the pins in my box. Mind you I do have another one already pinned so with 4 quilts ready to go its no wonder I have very few pins remaining!!

Tonight I got 2 of them quilted. I did very open and simple stipple. I've cut the binding but have yet to stitch it together. I would love to get them finished off this week.

Yesterday at Handmade With Love I stitched the ribbon hangers on the little mini Christmas Stockings I had finished off last week. I have left them at HWL and we will sell them at our Christmas markets at the end of the year.

I worked on finishing off the table runners over the weekend. It was good to get them all done. I dropped them off at HWL yesterday too.

Friday we are heading over to Sarina for a few days. We are taking the caravan and as well and so I will be able to sew whilst we are away. So I am prepping a few projects whilst we are away. I have my eye on making some of these bags

I've done a little preparation. Will have to make sure I have all the rest of the bits and pieces that I need. I am also.

So... its been a busy and productive week. How has your week gone?

WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. Wow -- you have been productive this week! As for the sore fingers -- do you have one of those little tools for closing the safety pins? I find that it really does help when I have to put hundreds of safety pins into a quilt.