Friday, October 28, 2016

Fitness Friday

I wasn't game to hop on the scales this morning... well I had breakfast before I remembered to but it would have been a scary thing to do anyway.

I have tried really hard to keep my step count up. I have made it to 10 000 every day except yesterday. We were out yesterday visiting my other brother in law. We left straight after breakfast and got home on dark. I tried to get some steps in but by 9.30 I was too tired to be bothered anymore so went to bed 4000 short of my target. I was going to try to get extra today and I thought I did... but it ended up only being 700 more. Ah well.

And as to eating - yeah. We are on a working cattle station. The meals servings are huge and lots of things were fried... and I can resist anything but temptations. Today friends arrived with fresh buns, great Italian salami, luscious olives... so what could I do. Yeah I over indulged..... AGAIN.

So the scales and I won't be friends this week.

Walks here on the cattle station have consisted of walking along the road for the most part. I did venture off down a side track a few times. There hasn't been much wildlife to photograph but the trees - yeah I have lots of tree photos. 

There is also a magpie hanging about protecting his chicks so I get swooped most walks going up and coming back. He warns of his swoops with his chortling call and the flap of his wings.

I love the bark patterns on the trees 

and on the old fence posts

The other day my husband (Fixit Guy) came with me for a walk down to the river. Its not easy walking along the bank and there is only a bit you can walk along but it was somewhere different for me to go. 

The other side of the river has sandy banks that would be great to walk along... but getting there would involved driving quite a distance so not worth it. We worked out we could get the kayak down there but doubt that we will do that... he is finding plenty of things to keep him busy in the shed and following on behind his brother. I think I am going to go back to the van and crank out a few more items for the sewing stall.

I don't have my phone with me so can't record my daily numbers. I will add them when I get the chance.

Friday            10 073
Saturday        12 301
Sunday          10 887
Monday          11 522
Tuesday         10 468  
Wednesday    12 309
Thursday         6 142

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