Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Stash report

When we left Mossman we were planning on heading to a national park camping area (or was in State Forest?) Either way we weren't expecting to have electricity whilst we were there. We ensured that we had plenty of water in the tanks and food for a few days. We were looking forward to being able to have a camp fire, going for some hikes (ok walks) through the rainforest and woodlands and putting the kayak in the water for the first time this trip.

I had plans to fill in my quilting/sewing time with some trimming of blocks, sorting of projects and cutting out for some other projects.

When we got to Tinaroo Dam and headed for the camping area we foundthat even though the guide book said caravans were allowed in that the booking system only allowed for tents or camper trailers. We weren't going to risk going against the booking system in case the road wasn't suitable for a van. Didn't want to go down a road we couldn't turn around on.

So instead we found a camping ground at Yungaburra - right on the waters edge (well it would be right on the water but the dam is very low at the moment so its a bit of a walk down to it) Its very convenient for putting the kayak in and we have been for 2 paddles already. And we saw heaps of platypus playing in the creek that feeds into the dam near here. It was so exciting.

We can't have campfires which is a shame BUT we have power ... which means that I can sew. Whoop!

Before I started sewing I did the other jobs that I had put aside to do when we got here ie trimmed up the blocks - the strippy centre piece for the blocks for Strippy X (from Bonnie Hunter's website). I have 59 of them  I can either make the quilt 8 x 7 blocks and have 3 left over or make 5 more and make it 8 x 8. I'm not sure which I'll do yet. The pattern says to make 42 but I want it bigger than that. I don't have any more foundation fabric to cut to make more blocks but I also don't have fabric with me make the background triangles so it can wait till I get home if I do decide to make some more. Or perhaps my SIL will have some scraps I can use. I think it was a worn out table cloth that I cut up to use for the other blocks.

I also went through all the project boxes that I brought with me and sorted things out a bit better. It was a good way to refresh my memory as to what I had bought with me. I got things sorted and tidied up. THEN I started sewing.

First up I finished up 2 of the Christmas Stockings I have been working on. These 2 I am making for gifts for some special someones. The other 4 I have that I have almost finished the fronts of need embroidered names added. My friend Lyndi is making these for me so I won't be able to finish them till I get home. 0.98m used.

Then I finished up a casserole carrier that I had started ages ago. It was made from left over blocks I had inherited from somewhere - my quilt group I think. I only had to put the 3 layers together, quilt and bind them. I don't have the velcro with me to finish them right off but I am counting them as done (I will also have to add the dowel for carriers). 1.53m used.

There was one block left over which I made into a pot holder to match the caserole carrier. I know that really there should be 2 but I only had enough to make one! 0.23m used

I made 6 hanging towels - the last of the ones that I had cut out before I left home from the licensed fabric I bought in Brisbane in July. As well as 3 lots of Pokemon fabrics I had Space Invaders, Star Wars, and Alice in Wonderland. They still need to have the Handmade With Love labels stitched as well as the velcro fastening when I get home but I'm counting them as done. 0.59m

So that is 10 finishes for the week (if we count each towel individually :) ) and all since I have been here in Yungaburra unexpectedly sewing. I shall have to call them my bonus finishes.

And once again NO PURCHASES. So all positive territory for me.

To share some of the gorgeous scenery we have been seeing these last few days here at Yungaburra. 3 beautiful sunsets each evening we have been here and yesterday a magnificent rainbow after a brief storm




 So my statsfor week 42 are

Fabric used                3.33m        
Fabric added              0.00  
Net                           3.33m

Year to Date
Fabric used               135.40m
Fabric added               78.62
Net                            56.78m

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  1. Sometimes detours make for great adventures. Great finishes!

  2. That rainbow photo is stunning! Congrats on all the finishes. Hope you find more time to stitch.

  3. WE will find sewing time anywhere! lovely finishes and scenery

  4. You have some great finishes. Those scenery shots are beautiful. Love the rainbow and the sunset ones especially. Cute Christmas stockings and a great use of scraps.