Monday, December 19, 2016

En Provence Clue 4 Progress

I was later getting to start this clue than usual. It wasn't till today that I was finally able to get to start it. All for good reasons mind you. Our daughter, Fangirl arrived home Saturday midday for the holiday. Saturday (when the clue is effectively available here) was taken up with getting ready to see her and then enjoying her company. Sunday was busy with church all morning, then guests for lunch and some more in the late afternoon. I didn't actually get to do more than look at the clue till late this morning. I had started to cut fabric in preparation for another mystery quilt that I am going to be participating in that starts in January. I had started cutting for it on Thursday and wanted to get it finished before starting this clue. This mystery is called "Surrounded By Scraps" by Charlotte Hawkes and is due to start on January 11th.


So that delayed things even further. Eventually this morning I was able to get started.

I had a few mix ups. To start with I cut too many of one of the side triangles. Oh dear. And then I found that I had cut a heap of them too small. Rats. It means I wasted a heap of fabric as I had to cut new ones.....and I'd already cut too many. Oh well I might be able to use them in another quilt block (or I can put them into stuff the dog bed pillow I'm making).

I worked on the clue from midday today and by dinner time I had them all done. They have ended up a little small so not sure what I did wrong. To be honest most of my blocks this time around have ended up a bit small. I suspect it must be my 1/4" foot. I've always been slack at checking accuracy. I am hoping that I am going to be able to fudge it if they are all a little small. I still have to trim the tag ends off.

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  1. If the units from all the clues are the same size and square, (for example 3.25" instead of 3.5") then I would think they would all fit together OK at the end unless Bonnie throws in something based on a different grid like she did with Grand Illusion. I hope that makes sense. Mary Ellen Hopkins called this your PPM (personal private measurement).

    Barbara at Stash Overflow