Friday, December 30, 2016

Fitness Friday

Its been a while since I did an FF post. Here it is at last. ... and my last one for 2016. My fitbit was playing up for a week or so and so I lost the ability to accurately report what my steps were. Its getting late now I to be honest I can't be bothered finding where I left my phone to do a report of my days steps since last I did. My Fitbit is now working perfectly and is syncing in fine so I do have the records there.

I haven't made my steps each day this past week. We only did one walk on Christmas Day and I was sick on Wednesday but still.. have managed to keep pretty active. I did get on the scales this morning and was 96.9 despite all the Christmas goodies that have been tempting me and to which I have been yielding. I am glad we have been keeping active. The dogs don't give us much choice. They like the two walks a day and give us lots of reminders that they are ready to go.

Hope you have had a good end to the year. I know many of you are in northern climes and getting out and about in the cold and snow isn't always possible. With us its more about avoiding the heat!

During this mornings walk by the river we were visited by some sulphur crested cockatoos. It was like they were posing for me. They followed us along the river, resting on various trees and logs. It was delightful.

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