Friday, December 16, 2016

Fitness Friday

Its summer in Australia and as well as high temperatures that means cicadas. Their high pitched whine can be almost deafening at times. They hatch under ground and when they emerge leave round holes that used to scare me when I first came up to Queensland. I used to think that they might be snake holes (note snakes don't usually live in holes in the ground so not sure where I got that from)

They usually climb up trees and shed their outer shell and emerge looking entirely different. Their shells remain on the tree trunks. 

When I was teaching my grade 1s and 2s found them fascinating and there was always a couple of boys who would collect icecream containers full of these shells each lunch time. They were intriguing to look at. ... but the fascination wains by the 3rd of 4th container full.

 We had mentioned only a week or 2 ago that they were late in hatching this year. It was almost the end of the school year and I hadn't really heard them. I spoke too soon... they are here and their buzz once again is almost deafening. (they make the sound by rubbing their back legs together ... or is it their wings....I forget)

I still haven't fixed my fitbit so can't give my weekly stats. Its working in of itself but is not communicating with my phone. I have walked each day and apart from once this week I have made my 10 000 steps - sometimes before I take Jack on his evening walk so I know my steps are good. Jack is loving the extra walks. The rain we had last weekend meant that the river was a bit muddy to walk beside so we walked on the streets instead. I've had some letters and cards to post a few times so we have walked down to the post office and accomplished 2 things - a walk and posting mail (3 if you count the fact that I visited Pokemon stops too... he he he)

I haven't weighed myself this morning so don't know what my standing is there. It is as well I have walked as much as I have though cause I know I have been eating lots of high calorie food. Sigh. I have enjoyed it though. I have some shortbread in the fridge now, waiting for me to roll it out, cut it up and bake it. Some of it is for gifts but some of it is for ME (and everyone else in the house!)

One way and another this post is a bit of a bust! I don't even have lovely photos of bird life to add to it as when we walk the streets we don't see as much.

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