Sunday, April 30, 2017

End of the Month Goal wrap up... and some new ones

Its the end of the month and its time to review my goals. I am pretty happy with the progress I have made and the goals I have completed although I didn't get through all of them.

Firstly my sucesses.

Prepare items for Handmade With Love stall. I got a pile of things prepped for me to take away with us for our trip - can't remember exactly but I think its 4 laptop messenger bags and 10 iPad messengers bags. I also got organised a pile of fabric and wadding and zippers ready to make little earbud pouches and coin purses.

Work on Labyrinth Quilt. I bought the fabric for this and got it cut out (that might have been last month) Whilst we were away I got the 9 blocks made and the quilt top together. When I get home again I will decide if it needs another border and then make the backing.

Complete Secret Quilt Project 1 - this was acutally the t'shirt quilt that I made my daughter Fangirl. I got it quilted and bound and now she has it and I can name it.

Complete Secret Quilt Project 2 - this was a t'shirt quilt I was making my son ie The Beast. I got it quilted and bound as well and he now has it. 

Complete A to Z quilt. I got this quilted and bound before leaving for our holiday as well. It is to be a gift for a family memember too. They haven't as yet received it so won't say who it is for.

Complete the A to Z Blogging challenge. This finishes today and - yay I got it done. I blogged every day in April (apart from the first 4 Sundays). I actually got mine written ahead of time which relieved much of the stress for me. I had them scheduled to go up each day and just had to go in and add the links each day to facebook, twitter and the challenge blog. I must admit I didn't quite fulfill all the duties of a participant and didn't visit as many other blogs as I had planned but hopefully over the next few weeks I will visit many more (the links are still up so should be able to do it)

And then the ones that I didn't complete fully

Complete April Clue in Charlotte Hawks mystery. This is an almost. The last clue was putting the units together into a block and then assembling the blocks. I got the blocks done but to complete the clue was the putting together and to do that I needed some sashing in the background fabric but I didn't have any more of the background fabric left and I wasn't sure if I was going to need it or not. I planned to wait till I got home and spread them out on the design wall and work out if I needed the sashing and if so, what I could use. However I was in a fabric shop this past week and found something pretty similar so now I have fabric which I will use when I get home (no cutting mat to do it while I am away)

Complete 20 items for Handmade With Love stall. This didn't happen. I got 8 things made which was pretty good considering we were travelling for most of the month (I left home on the 6th April).

Its a bit hard to really think of this coming month's activities since we are still away from home although we are planning on heading home this week.

  • work on the Labyrinth quilt - make backing
  • complete the messenger bags which I have cut out and also the zipper pouches.
  • make some cosmetic bags
  • complete Charlotte Hawks mystery quilt
  • Work on club mystery quilt
  • work on Twilter's project
  • update stash report. (I haven't put in the fabric purchases I have made this trip nor the quilt finishes I have had or the completed messenger bags ... a bit behind)

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  1. Miss you and your blog (which I read every day). Hope all is well with you.