Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for Kings X

Kings Cross in Australia brings to mind the largest Red Light district in the country, situated in Sydney. Growing up it was considered very seedy and dangerous and not a place to visit at all. 

It was a place of brothels and street prostitution, strip clubs, drug dealers and runaways. 

Things have changed a bit over the years. Its become a bit more upmarket. (see this article from ABC News) Attitudes have altered somewhat and brothels are legal in some circumstances but.... it still has a bit of a reputation. 

I was really surprised to learn as I grew up that there was a Kings Cross in Britain and more surprisingly that it wasn't the centre of the prostitution in London. I do confess though that I still thought twice when booking accomodation in Britain when the recommended hostel was at Kings Cross! Harry Potter helped enlighten me somewhat and then it became a must see destination.

London 2010 I visited the famed station and found platform 93/4 with my two older children aka Fangirl and The Beast


Kings Cross or in this case Kings X is also a traditional quilting block (and not a hint of redlight or trains about it - although it does resemble the sign for railway crossing)

As is to be found with traditional blocks there are a few variations on the block all called Kings Cross. 

The pattern for this block came from Quilter's Cache here 

I didn't have enough of the dark blue spot to make all the units so I substituted another fabric as close to the original as I could

When the blocks are put together into a quilt a secondary pattern emerges.


  1. I was thinking I would see a quilt block. I so loved your piece at the beginning. It made this post. I will have to check out your previous posts.
    A to Z Theme: Sharing Family History via #GenealogyPhotoADay By Fran from TravelGenee Blog

  2. That pattern is so complex. Loved how you were wary of the London King's Cross :D Nice photos.

    Karma #Lexicon of Leaving

  3. This is really cool! I like how you started the blog by telling us about Kings Cross in Australia. I've never been to Australia and if not for your description, I would never know. It's fascinating how a certain name can take on a very distinct connotation based on our own experience of that name. I've found this to be true with people's names also.

  4. What is in the name?... asked Shakespeare famously once.After reading about the Kings X in quilting and Kings Cross, a place in Australia, this very question popped in my mind.
    Loved all your Kings crosses!!! Appreciate your creativity!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  5. Isn't it strange how things change - when I was young the area around King's Cross in Britain was also known for it's rather seedy atmosphere and certainly plenty of runaways but I think rather like your Australian one it has been "cleaned" up over the years. Lovely to meet you again - I have enjoyed your's as well as FanGirl's previous A-Z Challenge posts :)