Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fitness Friday

Seems that lots of blogs have themes for each or several days of the weeks and the common theme is that use alliteration to determine what to put up... Stash Report on Sunday, Work in Progress Wednesday, Finish it up Friday are a few that come to mind. Since my Finishes when they occur get detailed in Stash report figured I would save my Fitness reports for Friday. That way I will write about them and keep myself accountable for what I have been doing.

Monday I ran my long race. I stuck to 5 km this time and tried to go faster. I set myself a new record coming in at 38m 34 secs for the 5 kms, beating my old mark of 39m 52 I think (something like that. I got in under 40 which had been my aim) This time though I did walk a couple of times... for 10 or 15 secs max. I got a stitch - my first since I started running again. Next week I will try for a longer run - hopefully to run further than 7.34 kms. My aim is to get to 10 kms by the end of the year - hopefully before then.

Funny story that I did share on Facebook and Twitter already but I have no shame. I had stripped off for my post run shower. My face had gone bright red and the perspiration was running off me. I decided to take a photo of my beet red face with my phone. Only I forgot to press the button to rotate the lense and I also forgot that I was standing in front of the mirror. I got a full frontal nudie shot. Oh my goodness. I don't think I have ever deleted a photo so fast. No one needs to see that photo believe me. This one is unattractive enough

I ran Wednesday down by the river. I was a bit cautious as the day before whilst walking down there with the dogs I saw a snake. It gave me a huge fright and I was glad that I had one of the dogs, the most likely to chase something in the grass, on the lead and the other dog came to me as soon as I called him. Came home and looked the snake up on google and found out that it was a non venomous tree snake... I feel better knowing that but it was still big and scary at the time

I have continued to use my Fitbit but haven't consistently recorded what I have eaten. I usually start out ok but then will have something that will take ages to work out the caloric value of and give up. I know when I count the calories properly it works so well for me. I don't give up... keep plugging away and this weight is going to come off. I did momentarily dip below 89kgs early on in the week but have been back to sit around 89.5 most of the week.. and a bit higher as well. I'm off to Brisbane this weekend to see a show with my daughter, Fangirl, so that is going to be a bit of a battle to not overeat. We are going out to lunch with my two sons who live down there and also a trip to Max Brenner' chocolate bar after the show

Max Brenner's Hot Chocolates are so yummy

. The show we are going to see is "Guys and Dolls". Its starring Fangirl's favourite actor, Ian Stenlake. She's had a thing for him for years... got to meet him in person when he and his wife came to town to sing at the Carol's by Candlelight we had here

Ian Stenlake with Fangirl in 2010

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