Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

No finishes again this week and some unexpected additions!

It was my birthday during the week and Fixit Guy bought me a lovely ruler 15.5" square, just like I had put on my birthday list. Trouble was ... while I was the craft show last weekend I bought myself one when I saw it on a great special. I forgot to tell him (and I think he bought it on the same day as I did anyway). He gave the docket and I went back to the LQS where he had purchased it and was able to exchange it. Ended up buying 9 fat quarters - combination of black on white and white on black and one with black and white on red. I have been thinking about making myself a black and white quilt so now I can do more than just think about it.

Fabric used                        0m
Fabric purchased              9.25m

Used YTD                      53.06m
Purchased YTD              22.81m

Net usage YTD              30.25

I have made some progress on my Sombrero Stars so a finish won't be too far away... and I'll be posting off the grey swap fabric tomorrow... but then it will come back in after a week or two so maybe I shouldn't bother..... The curtains won't take long either... might get to them this week too... we live in hope

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  1. I've become very fond of black and white fabrics lately. Yours are lovely. And happy birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I just love black, white, and red combinations. Yours are wonderful.

  3. Red, white and black quilts are my favorite combination for quilts. Enjoy creating your quilt with them.